Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle
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Riding along the beach with your friends and loved for fun or exercise can be best done when you buy the best beach cruiser. Cycling will keep you healthy and strong for many years if you do it frequently.

Good enough, Firmstrong provides both men and women with bikes that suit the two different genders. You can get the best bike that suits you in the color that you want.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle


If you are a man looking for the best beach cruiser, the Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle is all that you need.

This is a strong bike that guarantees you with enjoyable outdoor cycling. You can get the bike in single speed, 7 speed, and 3 speed depending on the desired speed that you prefer.

Unlike other bikes, the seat of this Urban Beach bike features a large and comfortable saddle for the best rides. The handlebars are also perfectly crafted providing you an upright riding position.

Lightweight bike

When you are riding for fun or exercise, you want a lightweight bike that you can control effectively without any problems.

Considering this in mind, this bike is lightweight, and any man will have the best time using it. The bike weighs approximately 38 lbs when fully assembled making it the lightweight beach cruiser.

Here are other great things about this bike that many people who have used the love and appreciate.


Easy Pedaling

This single-speed bike allows you to pedal backward when you need to. The pedals are designed to provide you with smooth and easy pedaling regardless of the riding surface.

If you want to stroll around the beach with friends, you can get this bike, and you will enjoy simple and easy pedaling all day long.

Durable Frame

The frame is like the heart of a bike. If a bike features a low-quality frame design, it is likely to break down after a few months of use.

This is why this beach cruiser for men is designed with a 19-inch steel frame with 26-inch aluminum wheels for durability and better riding performance.

Comfortable Handlebars

Firmstrong has ensured that rider experiences the best riding activity when they are riding on their different beach cruisers.

Bearing that in mind, they have created this bike with 28.9 inches wide Cruiser Bike Handlebars designed with Hi-Density foam grip for comfortable riding.

Comfortable Seat

A comfortable seat allows you to ride your bike for a long distance without feeling uncomfortable or straining any part of your body.

This men’s beach cruiser is designed in a way that the seat feels comfortable all the time you are on the bike, thanks to the dual spring oversized seat that adds extra comfort.

  • The bike provides a relaxed riding
  • The coaster breaks are easy to use
  • Designed with a durable steel frame
  • Made with wide handlebars with a foam grip
  • The bike has a classic design
  • The seat of the bike is uncomfortable
  • The chain guard brackets are not rigid


Frequently Asked Questions

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle
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Q: Is it possible to mount a water bottle holder on this bike?

A: This bike is not designed with holes where you attach a water bottle holder. It is a great bike though that offers a smooth riding.

Q: Does this bike have a weight limitation?

A: I’m not sure about that. I bought this bike a couple of months ago, and I’m 260 pounds and I find the bike very comfortable.

Q: Is it possible to ride on any sandy surface with this bike?

A: Yes you can. I have used the bike at the beach and dunes, and it works fine.

Final Verdict Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong provides bikes that different people can use without having any problems. If you are a man looking for a quality and affordable beach cruiser, this model is made for you.

The bike offers a lot of benefits that ensure you achieve a smooth ride. Most of all you get the opportunity to pedal backward, which is not common in most of the bikes that you will come across.

If you are concerned about the color of the bike, you can get it a variety of different colors to suit your needs.