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As the only part of the car that is in constant contact with the ground, tires, perform several vital functions that depend on driving safety and comfort: steering, load capacity, shock absorption, rolling, drivetrain, and durability.

This tire is the best you can find on the market and is one of the all-season tires. When you buy tires for all seasons, you are practically saving because you do not have to buy summer tires, especially winter tires, and do not waste time replacing them as the season’s change.


The task the tires should perform is to steer the vehicle precisely in the direction the driver wants regardless of weather and road conditions. The stability of the car depends on how the tires holds the path. The manufacturer prescribes the air pressure in the front and rear tires for each vehicle.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions and the pressure differential between the front and rear tires makes for more comfortable steering and ideal vehicle stability in the direction. When it comes to grip, this tire has an excellent grip that creates friction between the tire and the ground and prevents it from slipping.

These tires also have an excellent water evacuation system. In terms of quality, these tires feature the Uniform Tire Quality Granding (UTQG) 440 AA grip specification. In other words, this means that this tire is four times better than a standard tire. You can ride them on a damp and dry road, and they turned out great when it snows. The grip of this tire is very robust so that it will serve you well on dry and wet roads, and the grip is such that you will not slip on the road.

Load-carrying capacity

Tires carry the vehicle at all times, whether the car is moving or standing still. They must be able to withstand the load when accelerating and braking. The load capacity of each tire is such that it can withstand up to 50 times the weight of its weight. Each tire has a load index label. For example: in the tire designation 185/65 r 14 86 h, the number 86 means that the tire can withstand a maximum of 530 kg load. You can find out from the load index tables of tire sellers the amounts that match the load indices.

This type of tire has a load index of 91 for 16 inches and 88 for 15 inches, respectively, which means that each tire can hold 91kgs and 88kgs. The tires can carry a load of up to 364kgs and 354kgs.

These tires come in two dimensions, a width of 205mm and an aspect ratio of 55, and a width of 185mm and an aspect ratio of 65. The description of these tires is 205 / 55R 16 91H and 185 / 65R 15 88H, respectively.

Impact absorption

Tires are designed to absorb shocks from bumps and holes in the roads and allow for comfortable driving and longer vehicle life. The main feature of the tire is its high elasticity, primarily vertical. Its flexibility and airiness enable it to withstand deformities due to obstacles and bumps in the road. The prescribed tire pressure gives it high comfort while maintaining excellent handling.


These tires have turned out great when it comes to speed, and performance is as follows; they can go 130 miles per hour with no sweat. This matter is an excellent tire feature, and all people who use the highway for driving should opt for this type of tire. What is more important to note is that these tires are minimally heard on the road while driving. It is an essential item if you want a more comfortable and comfortable ride.

Drive transfer

Tires convey engine power. The quality of the tire, whose contact surface with the pad is equal to the surface of the palm, greatly influences power transfer, acceleration, and braking.

What is known is that these tires will save you up to 20% of fuel, with the right equipment and proper driving. Also, what can reduce your fuel consumption is the tire air pressure. Properly adjusting the air pressure in the Solar 4KS tires will reduce fuel consumption.


When it comes to the price of this tire, it is the best part of this story because it is very affordable. For a not-so-great amount, you get top-quality tires, and you haven’t spent a lot of money.


How long a tire will wear and how long it will last depends on its quality and conditions of use (vehicle load, driving speed, road conditions, driving style, etc.), as well as its contact with the surface. The tire pressure significantly affects the life of the tire, and thus improper tire pressure (too low or too high) always results in uneven tire wear.

The Solar 4XS tire can withstand 40,000 to 100,000 miles, with some companies guaranteeing 45,000 miles. Many people say they even went over 100,000 miles with these tires and did not have to replace the tires, while some claim that they changed them after 40,000 miles. The heat is the main enemy of your tires, and it all depends on the conditions in which you drive and how you maintain the car.


When we have considered all the features of these tires, the outcome is straightforward. These tires are a great choice if you want to buy a tire for all-seasons because, at an excellent price, you will get a tire with outstanding properties that will serve your long and quiet noise on the road.

We hope this article helps you and that you have found something useful by reading it. This type of tire is a tire that meets all the criteria when it comes to safety, traffic comfort, and land grip, and most importantly when driving a car. If you are considering buying a brand-new set of tires, you should pay attention to this Solar 4XS all-season model of tires.