In a world where technology is developing at an incredible speed, where electric transport is becoming more and more popular, more and more people give their preference to electric bicycles because they have so many advantages.

In the US alone there are 400,000 e-bikes that were sold in 2018 from 185,000 units sold in 2013.

According to Forbes, e-bike sales will grow from 3.7 million to 17 million per year by 2030 in Europe. Looking at these numbers we can see that the e-bike industry will grow more and more for the next following years and there will be a lot of e-bikes that will run on the streets.

But the question is why you should switch to an electronic bike for your commute?

So now, we are going to dive in and tell you everything you need to know about the advantages of switching to electronic bikes.

1. Shorten Your Commute


It might not be as fast as your car but when it comes to avoiding traffic, an e-bike can use a traffic-free multi-purpose cycling lane and walkways which helps you cut back your commuting time.

According to chapter four of “The Complete Electric Buyer’s Guide”, an electric bike’s motor can help riders pedal to speeds of 20-to-28 miles per hour depending on the class.

When it comes to conventional bicycles and electric bicycles, the electric bicycle is obviously faster. For example, if your commute was five miles, it would take 27 minutes to ride on a conventional bicycle, but just 15 minutes on an electric bike. So, if you needed to travel 12 miles to work or school, the journey would take about an hour and five minutes on a regular bicycle or just 36 minutes on an electric bike.

E-bike technology provides you with the additional energy you’ll have to traverse kilometers of ground with minimal effort and which also means that when you go to work, you’ll have a sweat-free ride.

2. Still, Get a Great Exercise In,

While it’s important to point out that electric bicycles are simpler (less difficult) to ride than a conventional bike, they actually still promote physical activity, particularly when compared with driving to work or riding a bus.

According to, riding an e-bike is just as effective as riding a conventional bike to improve fitness. Despite the fact that cycling on an E-bike is pedal-assisted, it is still a workout and thus beneficial to your mental and physical health.

One of the health benefits you can reap in riding an e-bike is that it can improve your cardiovascular health, helps you fight obesity, and reduces stress.

Moreover, a recent study showed that 94 percent of non-cyclist rode daily or weekly after getting an e-bike. Thus, they are getting the benefit of sustained, low-impact exercise, plus the fun, of course!

3. It’s Easier To Ride More


Battery-powered “pedal-assist” is available on e-bikes. Technically, this is a mechanism built inside the bike that helps you pedal faster. This can help your knees and thighs by reducing stress and impact.

There are also e-bikes that have a special boosting technology that can help you conquer slopes and inclines, so you don’t have to be concerned about difficult terrain. With an E-bike, people of all ages and health may ride safely and for much longer.

Even if they have a “pedal-assist” technology, you can still control your speed with your feet, like with a regular bike. You can easily speed up and feel powerful when riding an e-bike.

4. Enjoy the Outdoors

Because of the pandemic, many people want to go outdoors just to relieve stress, get out of pollution, and just want to have some fresh air.

Having an e-bike lets you enjoy the outdoors and more. You’ll get exercise, can help you change your mood and enjoy the different scenery.

5. Save Money


Having an e-bike is not just about health benefits, faster commute or having a fun ride but it also gives you the opportunity to save money!

Yes, at the end of the day people choose to commute to work rather than riding in cars just to save money, and having an e-bike is the right solution. Not only you can save on fuel but also you can save on parking fees.

Another advantage is that the electric bike is charged from a regular outlet. And this means that it does not take a lot of money to maintain it.

Also, having an e-bike can improve your health thus it will lead to lesser medical bills. Because e-bikes encourage you to go out more than your conventional bicycle as the study shows that cyclists who switch over to e-bikes often ride their bikes 50 percent more than their conventional bicycle. Thus, it leads to more workouts which can give you a healthier body and lesser medical fees.

If you want to know more about affordable and cheap electric bikes, check this link.

6. There’s an e-bike for everything

If you’re not the road cyclist type then there is an e-bike that is right for you that suits your needs. You see, e-bikes come in different specs, design, and size that will cater to every cyclist’s needs. If you like to trail in the mountains there are full-suspension e-bikes for you.

If you need an e-bike that will help you haul 400 pounds of cargo then there’s an e-cargo that will surely fit your needs and can speed up to 15 mph (how cool would that be).

If you prefer fat, commuter, hardtail, or performance road bike style then surely there is an e-bike that is available for you.

7. They’re hefty


If you’re wondering about the weight of the e-bike then expect it to be 20 pounds heavier than conventional bikes. The reason for this is the extra weight brought to you by the motor, battery, reinforced frames, and other extra components. So, expect that you will build muscle once you carry it up to your truck—the good side is that it will add up to your exercise.

But the extra weight won’t hold you down once you start pedaling, it will disappear thanks to the “pedal-assist” feature.

Well, these are all the cool advantages of riding an e-bike. If you feel sold then you are not alone. Just make sure that when you ride to an e-bike always prioritize your safety, check those brakes and always be vigilant when you are on the road. But one thing is for sure it will surely bring a smile to your face. That is why e-bikes are also known as “whee-bikes”.