If you are a lover of the bike, it will not be out of place to know about the origin of the bike. When did the first bike come up? What transformations have taken place over time? Did the inventors ever imagine the wide acceptability that has become the lot of the bike? History geeks from My Homework Done helped us to provide research.

Get your snacks ready and cup of coffee as we go through the history of the bike from inception to the technology that we have with us today.


The journey for the bike started with the invention of Sylvester Howard Roper. He is an American and was credited with the invention of the first steam engine. There were debates on whether this invention is a motorbike.



Lucius Copeland created something similar but smaller to the first invention. This invention could move at a speed of 12mph. This was considered marvelous then.


After a space of four years, the Germans came in with their technology. This time around, the focus is on gas-powered combustion engines.


The first factory production line for the motorbike was created by a German company named Hildebrand & Wolfmuller. In other to distinguish their model from others, they named their invention motorcycles.



An innovative four-stroke engine was introduced in 1895 by De Dion-Bouton. The intervention of this French man in the production of bikes raised the bars and we began to witness a massive increase in the production of motorbikes.


Did you know the person that was responsible for the first production of motorcycles in America? It happened in 1899 and the invention was credited to Charles H. Metz.


The year 1901 signaled the dawn of the production of motorcycles in America. Indian motorcycles created their model by using DeDion-Buton’s design. They produced fantastic bikes and they are the world’s best until WW1.



It was the turn of William Harley and his partners to launch the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company in 1903. Their target was to produce transport bikes but the speed of the bikes turned it into racing bikes that ended up winning several awards.


This year marked the beginning of the First World War and the year that the European and American armies began the introduction of motorbikes to convey messages to the war zone.


This year for the world’s rarest motorcycle that was called Traum. The inventor of this machine was not known. The technology involved was ahead of the times; was the only one made and there was silence on this invention for over a century.



This is the era of expansion of the bike. It became very popular and was embraced by very many people across the world. It was the era when well-known companies like Moto Guzzi and BMW were involved in the setup. The American Motorcyclist Association was formed during this time.


The first woman to receive a motorcyclist license was recorded this year. Her name is Sally Robinson.


This was the era of boom for the motorcycle because of the end of hostilities in World War 11. The war veterans popularized the use of motorcycles.


The scouts and runners in World War 11 who were American soldiers took to the two wheels because of their association with it during the war times. This is responsible for the popularity of this machine.



The Hollister Riots occurred this year. It is an event hosted by AMA in Hollister. The turnout of bikers was more than anticipated and this led to the breakdown of law and order. The negative publicity given this event did great harm to the image of the bike.


The prototype motorcycle was created by the Australian company Austrian company Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen


The production of motorcycles started in Japan with efforts from Suzuki. Their involvement led to ripple effects in the creation of high-quality motorcycles in Japan.


Honda and Yamaha entered into the motorcycle business. This time around, there was intense competition among the manufacturers. The goal is to produce a model that will upstage others in terms of quality delivery.



This is the year of Kawasaki. They threw their hat into the ring in other to make their impression. They went ahead to produce excellent racing bikes that made the waves during the time.


There were misconceptions about motorcycle riders and this was the year that the negative impression was done away with. Honda worked with Grey Advertising to do the needful.


This year marked the emergence of custom motorcycles. There were varying styles and custom paints available to the people.


The year witnessed the emergence of the first superbike. It was the four-cylinder machine that was invented by Honda. This made great waves in the sector.



This year cannot be forgotten in America by dealers in motorbikes because it was a year that they recorded a boom in the registration of riders. The records go to show that over 5 million riders registered this year.


This is the era for the discovery of motorcycle injection systems. The pioneers in this regard were Honda and Kawasaki. Other companies bought into the idea and began the production of their versions.


There was a downturn in the business of the motorcycle during this period. The introduction of the Baby Boomers reversed the trend for the best.


Polaris made their entry into the market by introducing the Victory model. The first electric motorbike was also introduced during this year. It was known as Lectra.



India welcomed the first hybrid motorbike- the Eko Vehicle’s ET-120.


Polaris went into the past and dusted one of the earliest inventions of the American motorcycle.


Harley-Davidson announces their intention to produce a new version of the electric motorbike. The introduction to the market was expected to come in 2019.

Final thoughts

If you are an ardent lover of the motorbike, the complete history of the bike has been given above. So when you are on the bike; you are going to have a perfect knowledge of the evolution of the motorbike.