You have finally bought a bike. Congratulations! You have probably spent thousands of dollars on it, plus emptied your wallet for additional equipment, like a nice helmet, quality protective gear, and boots.

You also spent a little on getting it ready for the road and added a few bells and whistles on it. With all that money invested, it would seem wise to add a few bucks more and buy some security system that will ensure that the bike stays in your possession.

The statistics are rather brutal. In 2016, more than 46,000 bikes were stolen. Less than 40% of them were recovered. That means that every year around 25,000 people lose something they had poured sweat and tears and often blood to obtain and never see it again. Imagine losing your bike after you have sent countless hours and ton of cash fawning over it and getting it to be just the way you like it. It can be very devastating heartbreaking. 

The unpleasant truth is that there is very little you can do to stop a determined and skillful thief from stealing your motorcycle. If everything else fails, they will just load it into a trailer and disappear with it before you even notice them. While you may not be able to do much to prevent theft, despite throwing a lot of money on sophisticated alarms and security systems, there is a pretty easy and cheap solution that will help you recover your motorcycle if it gets stolen. It is called motorcycle GPS tracker.

When they first appeared, GPS trackers were reserved for expensive and high-end vehicles. Today, they are accessible to everyone, since their price dropped considerably. offers a great selection of trackers and other gizmos that go with them, which will make sure that you can easily track your bike if thieves get their hands on it.

Some people would say that they don’t need GPS tracker for their motorcycle, because they have as steering lock or a kill switch or they keep their bike in a garage. While these measures may deter casual thief, a pro will find a way around them without breaking a sweat.

A simple and cheap GPS tracker can save you a lot of anguish down the road. They are small and easy to hide, even on a bike. They rarely require maintenance or any attention really. They just sit there and beep their signal away, until the day comes that you need it. If you are misfortunate enough to have your bike stolen, you will be thankful that you have bought one. Equally, you will be miserable if you didn’t.