There is an increasing admiration of recreational cycling in recent decades. This has made us have a passion for bicycle than ever before. Ideally, bikes are among the most enjoyable modes of transport. You can pedal it to wherever you want to go.

However, sometimes pedaling becomes inconvenient. This happens when you want to travel over a long distance a little faster. Therefore, you will have to come up with something else to help you carry the bike to your destination. The following are some of the hints and tips that will help you to carry your bicycle in your car safely and legally.

1. Roof carriers

There are a variety of roof racks or carriers designed for different purposes. Bike roof rack is one of the most common ways of transportation. It allows you to fasten your bike in, making it one of the most efficient methods. The majority of people always prefer this method while transporting their bicycles. Besides its efficiency, your bike is also kept safe and secure from damages and theft all the way. You may visit here if you’re looking to know more about roof racks and see which one best suits your needs.

For beginners, getting the bike on the roof rack is not only a challenging process but a frustrating one. You also need to keep in mind that your car will consume more fuel because of the extra energy required to overcome aerodynamic drag.

2. The boot

First, you may consider carrying the bike in your car boot. However, this will significantly be determined by the size of your boot. If the space is small, you will have to dismantle the bicycle for it to fit. Otherwise, if the boot has a bigger space, you can just fit it perfectly with the front wheel off. In case your boot space is a little bit small, you may want to take both the wheels and off the saddle. By ensuring that at least one wheel off makes you reach with your bike still in good condition. 

3. Back seat

Well, in case your bicycle can’t fit in the boot, or there are some metals that could cause scratches, you can decide to carry it in the back seat. At some point, you may get surprised how easy this can be. Before planning to carry it in the boot, you need to ensure it is clean to avoid dirtying the seats.

Also, you will avoid taking children abroad as this may cause injuries to them. Place the bike on the floor space of the back seat and let one of the pedals rest on the seat for stability. Carrying the bike inside the car, maybe safe from theft, but also dangerous for you and anyone on board.. Therefore, you need to be on the alert to avoid any uncertainty. 

Conclusively, all these hints are useful and will help you in transporting your bicycle to your destination. All you need to do is to find the one which suits you the best. However, there might be a disadvantage or two to deal with. Finally, always remember to use the method that is legally accepted, such as the ones mentioned above.

According to Frostfire, there are a variety of roof racks or carriers designed for different purposes.