All of us know at least one person who had one car accident, or even had one ourselves, as they are becoming more and more in the offing. Whether it is due to bad luck or the sheer and utter disregard for the rules and regulations of the streets, the incident is fast becoming a worldwide epidemic, and it is costing its injured parties a lot. So, in case you find yourself in this sticky situation, rest assured, as there are a number of compensation schemes which you are surely eligible for.

Prepare to File for a Claim

With the abhorred results that stem from the difficult state of misfortune that are car accidents, it is important that you show utmost care when preparing yourself for a claim. It must undoubtedly be tough and distasteful to deal with the onset of the said mishap. Still, it is necessary. As it so happens, having to attend to the technical side of it as well as the legal side forces you to deal with it.

Expert attorneys have urged the public to take legal action to make sure that they and their loved ones are properly protected. According to Brian D. Guralnick, insurance companies may take advantage of you during your time of need. As such, a consultant will make all the difference in the world. Whether you are dealing with a defective product, which he has dubbed as a highly complex lawsuit, or a personal injury claim, a trusted attorney is always useful.

You will find that, as is the case, insurance does not always cover everything, rarely doing so. Though, even with your insurance being intact, you may want to file a lawsuit that will help you overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles placed by the insurance policy.
  • Reviewing the Coverage Plan Set by the Insurance Company Is Essential

More often than not, a state of dispute may arise between you and the insurance company. The reason, as you will find, is often connected to a lack of understanding of the terms and conditions set by the company.

  • Having an Accident Kit in Your Car Is Highly Recommended

By having a camera and a few forms placed tightly in either your arm rest or glove compartment, you will be adding smoothness and ease to this whole process as you can document the scene properly and gather evidence as much as you can. When it comes to determining liability and whose fault it was, a few pictures and signed forms, by both you and the other driver, will be of great help for your case.

  • Injury and Cost Statements Are Neededi

Any piece of paper that relates to the car accident might as well be seen as evidence. So, if you are going to file a lawsuit, all these papers are integral to making the lawsuit move forward.

Injury and Cost Statements Are Needed
  • You Must Understand the Laws

In every state, there are different laws, and each law comes with different injury claims. Understand the law and know what it is that you are filing for.

Types of Compensation

A wise man once said, “Without law, men are beasts,” and it is no different when it comes to claims for compensation. Though, as you may know, each state usually operates by its own separate set of laws and amendments. Checking the laws of your state is usually imperative to knowing the type of compensation you are eligible for, if at all.

Though here is a list of the most common types.
  • Personal Injury Protection Claim

When filing for this type of claim, you must first prove that the accident is what caused your injuries. A few official papers from the doctor that treated you post-accident should do the trick. Though, one thing is important, you must make sure the injuries were not caused by malpractice or negligence by the doctors who were giving you medical treatment. In such a case, the hospital would be liable and not your insurance. This claim pays your medical bills.

  • Property Damage Claim

What this specific claim does for you is that it repairs any damage that may have been affected by your vehicle. It is responsible for analyzing the situation and seeing what parts of the car were affected, all the way from the exterior of your car to its interior and its parts. If, perhaps, you kept any expensive personal belongings in your car like, say, your watch or phone, you may then include these as part of your property damage claim.

  • Bodily Injury Claim

Though there are similarities between this type of claim and a PIP claim, they address different issues. A BI (bodily injury) claim is what it says it is. It is responsible for bodily damages relating to the accident, providing compensation for your injuries.

Who is liable?

A number of different parties may be considered liable. There is the driver that crashed into you; they are liable for your personal and financial damages. There is also their employer. If they were driving on-the-job, their employer is responsible for it as well and may bear partial liability. If the driver was driving under the influence, they were drunk driving, you may consider looking into where they were served beverage and check to see if the bar or restaurant had over-served them. In such a case, they can become liable too.

In some cases, the car may have been sold to you with faulty parts, thus making the vehicle manufacturer liable as long as you had bought it from them. In even rarer cases, the mechanic may become liable. If they promise that their service is top-notch, then you should not expect to have your car spontaneously drive off-road.

Generally speaking, there are a number of angles at your disposal which you can tackle. With a number of parties potentially being liable, it is wise that you file a lawsuit. Between that and your insurance, you should expect at least resistance. But, If you are eligible for any of these claims, a good, far-reaching compensation awaits you. Though, remember to always make suitable preparations beforehand.