Are you a car enthusiast who is looking for answers about the importance of car washing? Perhaps, are you a skeptical driver who skips car washing because you believe having your car wet will deteriorate its interior? Get on board!

This article is perfect for you. Hoping that at the end of your read, you’ll acquire the proper car knowledge moving forward. But before proceeding to the appropriate context, this article’s bonus content lists some pro tips on washing car seat covers. Get it the zone and read up because here it is:

How to laundry car seat cover


Most car seats are made up of leather, leatherette, nylon, and polyester. With that being said, it must be taken care of because moist, repetitive force, dust, and other dirt are factors that can hasten its deterioration. Laundering your car seat in the right frequency helps it to achieve the manufacturer’s indicated lifespan. Normally, that ranges from 6-10 years after manufacturing. The seat cover of a car must be washed with care. Always read the recommendation of the manufacturer. A manufacturer’s recommendation of a car seat is equivalent to a shirt’s garment label, which is why it is way too crucial to read and comprehend the advice.

Never launder it in a rush, you might inflict permanent damage, and you never want that to happen, right? Also, make sure that you don’t need to use your car for 12-24 hours so that your car seat has time to dry thoroughly. If you are in a rush, some laundry shops like Liox can handle rush laundry request. Drop your car seat laundry and wait for a few hours– and it’s good to go!

But, if you want to do it on your own, then, follow the remaining instructions:

  • Gently remove the car seat from the car. Apply the right amount of force. Excessive force can cause wrinkling and rip to the car seat.
  • Never forget to take pictures of it with your phone so that you can visualize all of the accessories and straps go. This will make it so much easier to assemble back together once it’s laundered and dried.
  • Vacuum the crevices of the car seat.
  • Remove the cover of the car seat from the form.
  • Put the seat cover in your washing machine. Use cold water and mild detergent. Also, never use a fabric softener.
  • Once it’s washed, you can put the seat cover over the chair, in a drying rack, or your dyer. Make sure it’s entirely dried before assembling back to the car.
  • Get your phone and refer to the picture as a guide to putting everything back together.

Now that we finished this insightful bonus content, here are reasons why you should wash your vehicle regularly:

Prolonging its lifespan


Washing your car is more than making it look nice. Washing your car regularly promotes longevity, cleaning away contaminants that cause corrosion which is the mortal enemy of cars. Even though paint protects the exterior part of the car’s body from elements, it is not more than enough because the underside has it rough due to continuous exposure to water, grime, dust, mud, and other dirt you can think of. Thus, sooner or later will result in corrosion. That is the main reason why it is essential to wash your car regularly.

Avoiding damage


No matter how strict you are about implementing no food in the car, cleaning your shoes first, or whatever sanitary rule you want to be adequately observed, at some point, those rules will always be broken.

Yes, just admit it. Eating in the car is sometimes way too convenient (money and time-wise). Yes, food residue such as cake, salt, seasonings, sauces, and many more will always be troublesome. Even though it is not visible at first, it can damage the paint job if it accumulates over time. It is almost inevitable to experience that. For this reason, it is essential to initiate some effort in having your car washed regularly.

Increase its selling worth


If you are planning to sell or trade your vehicle, then wash your car regularly. Yes, you have to be meticulous. Why? Because it will always be obvious in the potential buyer’s eyes if your vehicle is well-maintained or not. Washing your car regularly is a good example that a car is well taken care of. Regular car washes can help prevent color fading, scratches, dull paint, and other issues that a potential buyer might point out that affect their decision to make a purchase.

A clean and crispy look

It is kind of gross to have dirt in your hands when you shut your trunk, right? It is also kind of embarrassing to park beside a shiny car when yours are full of dust—washing your car regularly. Regular car washing can accentuate the color of your car and improve its overall look.

Improve the condition of the car


All the impurities will be washed away when you take your car in to get washed. Thanks to car detergents and shampoos that are chemically engineered to maintain the condition of your car by eradicating all impurities and preventing the car paint from deteriorating and fading.

Improving safety

Dirty window frames, rearview mirrors, and even tires are more troublesome than you thought. For dirty windows and mirrors, you will have difficulty seeing things clearly, which is a must in safe driving. As for tires, if the debris or dirt is very lumpy, then there might be a tendency to affect its performance in terms of RPM. By regularly going to a car wash center, you do not have to deal with that. You’ll have tons of confidence while driving, knowing that your windows, mirrors, and tires are free from debris!

Final thoughts

A bi-weekly or weekly car wash is a small investment that can pay off with all the above benefits. What’s even better is that a regular car wash reduces maintenance costs because you can avoid permanent damage to your car. Regular car washing is a great investment that won’t hurt your pockets. Now that you are aware of all of that, it is the perfect time to find the best car wash company or start to practice on your own!