The road is full of funny and sometimes even crazy things. You think you’ve seen it all?! Look at these crazy motorcyclists and think again! We composed a list of 18 craziest and most ridiculous motorcyclists and motorcycle rides. Some of these will leave you speechless while other will make you roll on the floor laughing. Enjoy!

18 Ridiculous and Crazy Pictures

1. It’s not really an everyday situation seeing a sheep on a motorcycle not wearing a helmet?! It is just us or the situations is kind of sick?

2. Michael Wiles, 29, was fined for careless driving because he was photographed riding a motorcycle with a barbecue strapped to his body. We still wonder why he was fined?!

3. How many people can you fit on the motorcycle? Well, we guess there is no legal limit to how many animals you can fit.

4. Here is what happens when the school bus doesn’t show up.

5. Oh no, someone is going to be pulled over by the police.

6. Can you see the kid in the middle? Look closer.

7. They are probably just taking a nap. Now we know what the expression ‘sleep like a log’ means.

8. This is probably the naughtiest motorcycle you’ve ever seen. It is definitely one made only for boys!

9. Ever seen so many chickens – on a motorcycle? Neither have we!

10. Who needs a family car when you can fit the whole family on one motorcycle. You think that’s not possible? Take a good look!

11. How much weight can a motorcycle carry? Well, this is obviously a slightly overloaded motorcycle.

12. Never doubt yourself but always have a plan B!

13. If you have ever wondered how to travel safely and transport a crocodile!

14. When two rear-view mirrors on your motorcycle just aren’t enough.

15. Can you sleep on a motorcycle? We guess you can. He might even start a new fad – motorcycle camping!

16. When you’re single but want someone to ride pillion!

17. Watch out! It’s Steve Irwin on a motorcycle!

18. Here’s proof that your dog really does have your back!