All auto fans will appreciate driving a luxurious car at any time. Additionally, it is an incredible feeling to drive the latest exotic cars. The 2019 BMW i8 is a supercar that is out of this world especially when you compare what you get for the money with other vehicles.

For those who cannot yet afford to buy this car, there are many reliable car rental companies that can lend you the car for a weekend or for a special occasion. For now, you should know what you will have once you get your hands on this car. If you check some of the customer reviews on popular auto websites, you will notice that the 2019 BMW i8 is quickly becoming a preferred supercar.


This vehicle has one of the most complicated engines; it is designed to give you a powerful car that is very fuel efficient. Because it is one of the few hybrid supercars on the road today, both the rear and front wheels are powered separately. If you accelerate quickly, the electric motor will boost the car through the rear wheels.

Otherwise, the front wheels are powered full time by a twin turbo engine. As a result, you will get a supercar that will only take 4.2 secs to accelerate from 0-60 MPH. This is incredible! Furthermore, those who have driven this vehicle claim that it is smooth yet very aggressive. According to MilaniRentals, you will definitely fall in love with this car as soon as you step inside.

Luxurious Interior

As other drivers enjoy the exterior views of this car, you will be interacting with the amazing interior. First, the two leather seats will give you the most comfortable feeling anyone can experience. Actually, they come in very attractive trims and colors for customers to choose what fits them best.

The technology is not left behind either. Notably, the BMW iDrive 6.0 software gives drivers an incredible level of control. And the good part is that you can either choose to interact directly with the 8-inch dashboard screen or to use the buttons on the center console. Impressively, the car comes with 12 speakers for you to enjoy the best audio from Harman Kardon. So, music lovers are clearly taken care of here.


Safety features are among the reasons that people go for a specific vehicle. BMW has a good reputation for using the best technology to take care of drivers. With a driver assistance package, this vehicle can cruise the highways without much of a risk to drivers and passengers. Advanced airbags are standard even though the vehicle has anti-collision features.


Finally, it is worth mentioning that this is a two-seater convertible that comes with a bold exterior design and, of course, trademark BMW styling. Overall, this is a car that will not only give you the best driving experience but also one that will make all other drivers turn their heads.