Do you want to improve the way your car works? Are you sick of your driving in the same way that everyone does?

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your driving life, then upgrades and modifications are definitely the way to go. As early as five years ago, car modifications used to cost a fortune. Furthermore, they didn’t have the equipment needed to carry out an upgrade job that was functional, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, didn’t do any permanent damage or alterations to the car.

When it comes to cars and owning vehicles long-term, forfeiting your warranty or going against your insurance policies are the last thing you want to do. You want to find something that’s the best of both worlds: professionals who will be able to give you what you want while also addressing what it is that your automobile needs.

Fortunately for you, the auto modification industry has experienced a boom in technology and advancement over the past few years. It’s so easy to get your vehicle outfitted with high-quality, high-tech modifications at a reasonable price. Keep reading to see our picks for the most awesome mods you can use on your automobile.

1. Tires

This might seem basic but tires make a really big difference especially when it comes to what your auto can and can’t do. If you’ve ever dreamt of speeding down the boulevard, wheels-a-blazin’, you’d better make sure that you have tires that can survive the heat.

Tire width and structure can also heavily impact the way that your vehicle looks. Changing the wheels to a slimmer fit can take your bulky old auto to sleek and modern in no time. Likewise, getting a set of trail-ready wheels on your AUV can give it that SUV look in a jiffy. Changing your tires is also one of the cheapest car modifications around because it involves standardized measurements and procedures. If you’re looking for a quick upgrade, then this might be the one for you.

While below-par tires are usually cheaper and aren’t half-bad when it comes to your car’s normal performance, they can really limit how you use your wheels. If you try and drive with a little more enthusiasm, you’ll see that your wheels will start to wear and tear if they aren’t excellent quality. This upgrade is simple, affordable, and most importantly, function-driven.

2. Disc Brakes

When you start driving your car faster and in more professional scenarios, hitting the brakes in case of emergency is one of the main things that you have to consider. The faster you go, the harder it will be for you to stop in case of an emergency. This next upgrade isn’t just a matter of looking cool, it’s a matter of staying safe.

Another upside to upgrading your disc brakes is that the surer you are of your breaks, the faster you can go. Don’t limit your performance but give yourself the emergency hatchet should you need it.

3. Mags

Although tires are important, they aren’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to your wheels. Car mags or the framework of your auto is just as (if not more) important than your tires. Although your tires might affect things like traction and friction, your mags determine your auto’s overall balance, drag, and ride.

When you drive an automobile to maximum performance, regular wheels just won’t do. Driving fast would require you to get lighter alloy wheels so that the drug doesn’t kill your suspension.

4. Suspension

Your car’s suspension affects everything about its overall performance: the ability to change directions, to swerve, to drift. Upgrading your car’s suspension will allow you to do more things because your vehicle is more balanced and stable.

By splurging on your springs and shocks, you save on your wear and tear. Although it might seem like a huge investment to get your suspension done, you’re actually saving money on what could have been a very expensive repair job.

5. ECU Upgrade

Engine management is crucial to vehicle performance. By enhancing your car’s engine management system, you improve fueling, ignition timing, torque delivery, power boosts, and other added performance factors. Most automobile companies crank the car’s default setting to the least power-consuming–however, this also means that fuel burn often isn’t maximized to its full potential.

You can get experts to remap your ECU so that you have performance instead of conservation at the centre of your car’s settings. This will allow you to tap your car’s hidden potential, depending on your needs–let your auto service professionals know if you’re looking to drive up to a remote part of the mountains with rocky terrain or if you’re looking to get your vehicle out on the racetrack.

Getting a car no longer just means settling with what the retail market can give you. Why drive your car like everyone else when you can drive it in a way that’s unique to your taste and lifestyle?

Of course, you should consult with experts before getting any work done to ensure that your auto is in good hands and that any modifications you make won’t affect your warranty. However, bringing experts in to take a professional look at your vehicle most likely means that any permanent modifications to your car’s original body will be minimal.

Always get car service professionals who know what they’re doing, such as AusBody Works. Check the website to get to know more about the services it offers. Make sure that they measure every specific part and fitting to your auto’s exact needs and dimensions. Remember that a good quality body kit will never require you to make any big changes that you’ll regret.