Using a rental camper can be a perfect form of traveling. It will allow you to stop and sleep wherever you want, and you can decide to take a break from all that overbearing technology. Choosing to rent a camper requires some foresight, and you’ll want to bear a few factors in mind when selecting the best camper for you to rent during your long travels.

Rent An Appropriate Size

Before renting your camper, you’re going to want to decide how large you want it to be. If you’re traveling by yourself, you will be able to save some money and get a cozy-sized rental. However, if you’re going with other people, you’ll probably want to get a large enough RV to accommodate everyone’s sleeping needs.

Make sure the plans you’ve made are set in stone before renting, that way you’ll be able to rent an RV that’s appropriately sized for the number of people in your party. Even if you have a recommended amount of sleeping accommodations, take a tour before making a final decision. If sleeping accommodations are crowded, you might want to increase your accommodation choices.

Rent Something You’ll Be Comfortable Driving

If you’re renting a motorhome and you’ve never had any experience driving one before, it might offer you a different experience than you’re used to. If you’re traveling with someone who has experience operating a motorhome, they probably should be the one behind the wheel. Whoever decides to drive can rent the motorhome, and you can split expenses between you. If there isn’t anyone who’s driven a motorhome before, rent early, and spend a little time getting comfortable with the vehicle. If you’re planning a long-term trip, you don’t want to be nervous when you’re getting on a highway with a car this big.

Rent From a Reputable Source

When you’re deciding to rent a camper, you’re going to want to choose a source that has a high reputation as well as one that suits your cost allocation. According to, Outdoorsy is one of the more reputable campers rental services and has included information about why you should rent one. They’ve also provided some details on the benefits and drawbacks of using a camper for your travels. Not using a reputable source can impact you when it comes to insurance, cost, and the quality of camper that you’ll be renting.

Renting from a dealership can offer you a dependable source when it comes to getting yourself a camper, but there can be added costs associated with this. I compared a few prices, and the fees are quite high when using a dealership. Look into using peer-to-peer sources like Outdoorsy, if you’re looking to avoid spending too much. If you’ve ever used Airbnb, you’ll find this is a similar experience.

Include Gas in Your Budget

Traveling with a camper can be a significant expense on the oil’s gas tank. If you’re deciding to rent a class A motorhome, those things can be real gas guzzlers, but they offer a supremely renting a smaller RV. Be honest with yourself about your budgetary costs, and what is going to work for you and your traveling crew. You can also search on your phone for the cheapest gas stations (I even do this in my city).

Level of Comfort

You’re going to want to be comfortable on your journey, and even if you’re taking your camper, you won’t be able to be outside all of the time. If you’re in a campground and it’s pouring outside, you’re going to be spending some time inside. Even if you’ve made sure you have enough sleep accommodations for everyone, how much space is in the camper? Are you going to feel comfortable spending an entire day (or two if the weather is bad enough) inside with the number of people in your group? Plan ahead, talk to the group, and divide your budget accordingly.

Where Are You Travelling To?

Just because you’re traveling long-term doesn’t mean you aren’t headed for your favorite campground out of state. If you’re heading to a campsite, you might be able to get away with renting a smaller RV. That depends on how long you’re traveling, how many people you’re going with, and what kind of people they are. If you need to spend five days in a smaller RV with five people, you might want to upgrade to a larger sized motorhome; if you’re only traveling with two, you could get away with a truck camper (if you wish). If you plan on spending lots of time outdoors, you probably won’t need all the bells and whistles, but your level of comfort is really up to you.

If you are traveling somewhere that doesn’t offer amenities like showering, and you’ve got your heart set on not being a sweaty mess (who does?), you can choose to rent a motorhome that includes a shower. Your water tank won’t include an endless supply of hot water, but it’ll add a degree of comfort to your experience. You won’t need to leave the campground to feel cleaner this way, and you’ll be able to enjoy your exposure to the fullest.

RV traveling can be a lot of fun for the right person, but it involves some planning. You’ll want to make sure you have appropriate sleeping accommodations for everyone on the journey. Make sure everyone who’s going is committed to going before purchasing your rental, so you don’t spend money on a camper that’s too big.

Use reputable sources when renting your vehicle you don’t end up getting stung, or have your budget get hit too hard. Include the cost of gas in your expenses and find out if you’ll be able to afford a larger motorhome if you need one. Pick something that’s going to make your experience comfortable, and that suits your travel destination. All that’s left is to enjoy your travels and your RV experience.