We live in a wild world. We live in a time where we can make money in so many different ways, we don’t even have to be at one location. Even if we do have a traditional job, we have the ability to save, invest, and reroute funds to our advantage.

This is the new mindset of many millennials. People realize that freedom is more important than hoarding acorns. With this increased ability to be mobile, what are we going to do with all that time and freedom?

Well, why not get a motorhome or a camper van? How many times have you really done a road trip? They’re amazing. You can see all the sites, truly interact with people, and understand what individuals are really like in every state.

You’ll come to realize that we are all pretty much the same. Here are the top destinations for motorhomes and camper vans.


Have you ever been to Malibu? It’s beautiful. Wherever you are In the continental United States, get a camper van and head west. Even if you don’t only one, you can always rent one online at and give it back once you’re done. The drive going west is a snapshot into what settlers had to go through just hit the water.

There are so many cool little side attractions as well. They can’t be, creepy, childish Tourist traps are well worth it. Once you get to LA, make your way to the Pacific Coast Highway. Keep going north until you stop seeing traffic. That’s Malibu. Head to Malibu center and go to the grocery store. Pick up some olives and a good bottle of white wine. You might see Arnold Schwarzenegger in his giant hummer, or Jerry Seinfeld in his impossibly rare Porsche. Find a place on the side of the road to stare at the beach, pour yourself a glass, and just enjoy the payoff of the wild west.

Sequoia National Park

Another California Destination that you absolutely have to see in a camper, is Sequoia National Park. If you’re into nature, and the beauty of various indigenous species, Sequoia is an absolute treat. Make your way to General Sherman. If you’ve never heard of General Sherman, it’s one of the largest organisms in the world.

Outside of fungal colonies and root colonies,  it is the single largest living thing. The tree is so massive that it’s hard to believe. Once you’re there you can’t really wrap your head around what you’re seeing. You know it’s a tree, but it’s as wide as a studio apartment. Finding a place to park is not difficult. All around Sequoia National Park or campgrounds. Take a spot close to General Sherman, and enjoy the company of the world’s most massive trees.

Food Traveling

Today’s a perfect day for foodies. All over the world, people share their adventures and their relationship with food. Thanks to the new aggressive culture of chefs with ingredients tattooed on them, it is common to search the world for the perfect representation of a certain dish. Oftentimes it’s not particularly highbrow.

You can go on this journey as well. Going from city to city, comparing pizza is a foodies dream. You can search high and low for the world’s greatest taco. You can scour the coasts in search of the best matzo ball soup. Just keep a journal and some room in your stomach. Try Black’s Barbecue in Lockhart, TX and see how it compares with Joe Beef in Montreal. After all, combining a love for travel with the knowledge of food is the stuff of forever memories.

The High Desert

The desert isn’t traditionally seen as a top campervan destination. This is a travesty. It absolutely should be considered a top-tier point B on any road trip. Take, for example, Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. It is, hands-down, the most impressive rocky landscape in the continental United States. The stoic solidity of a world made of pressurized earth is not a simple thing to take in.

The organic forms reflected in the rocks are the same ones that the earliest people saw when they explored the region. It is largely unchanged. The rock formations are unlike anywhere else in the world. Millions of years of sediment, pressure, and heat were needed to create such a spot. There is an array of colors and hues that you see on the earth. There’s a beautiful mix of minerals, temperature, and elements that, despite being extremely harsh, are prime for a beautiful setting.

Ring Road

If you’re planning on going international, Ring Road in Iceland is the number one destination. You get to see the entire place from the eyes of a traveler, taking in the sights and the insane views. There’s so much to be seen in Iceland. The road winds through mountains and seas, fjords and valleys. The wildlife and the crisp air make for one of the most amazing times in anyone’s life.

If you’re lucky, you can find yourself staring down a long road with the northern lights hitting the mountain tops. Iceland is a land phenomenon. There are things that you’ll see up there that are unlike anything else in the entire world. For that reason, you better keep your camera ready. But even then, there is no camera that can capture the feeling of what it’s like to actually be there. Soaking it all in from the comfort of a motorhome or a camper van is, arguably, the only way to truly enjoy Iceland.

Most of the time, we hop on the road to get to a specific destination. This is not necessary. You don’t need any reason to go on the road. The road itself is a wonderful experience. The feeling of freedom and the acceleration of possibility is more than enough to warrant a camper van road trip. We spent most of our time cooped up in our office or working at home trying to hustle enough to make bigger moves. All of it has to be worth something. A road trip reminds you that, no matter where you are or where you’re going, there is so much beauty in the journey.