Buying a new car is one of life’s greatest gifts to mankind. However, having one can also be a curse at the same time when you have to pay for all those expensive car insurances and maintenance fees.

Because of this, you would want to make sure that you’re buying from a trusted car manufacturer. That being said, you may visit your local car dealers to see if they have cars that fit your needs without going over your budget because of hefty insurance and maintenance costs.

But what’s good about having a car is the exciting freedom of going on a road trip with your family and friends. However, you want to make sure that your vehicle is geared up before your next trip.

From a simple phone holder to a very helpful cargo box, there are tons of clever car add-ons you can choose from without emptying your wallet. So, here are the must-have car accessories you might need before your next road trip:

1. Handy Phone Holders


According to, there are times when people don’t know how to get to certain places, especially if they are new drivers. Because of this, they rely on smartphone apps that have GPS support, which helps in getting road directions, traffic maps, and road alerts.

However, some cars don’t have touchscreen functions, and it would be extremely dangerous to hold your phone while driving. This is where phone holders become beneficial to a driver like you. As the name suggests, phone holders are used to keep your phone at a level that doesn’t restrict your view.

Also, it allows you to listen to your favorite pop music while driving carefully, making your daily road travels calming and relaxing, especially when there’s heavy traffic. However, make sure that your area permits the use of a phone holder or check if there are possible restrictions on where to mount this device.

2. Portable Battery Maintainers


Battery chargers are becoming more popular than ever, especially during winter seasons. According to experts, the cold season drains your car battery faster than moderate and warm conditions, even if you’re leaving your vehicle unused.

Because of this, you might need a battery maintainer that provides a low but consistent power supply enough to keep your car charged. This is most useful for those who rarely use their vehicles by leaving them in the garage for several hours.

Also, battery maintainers not only charge your car batteries but also prolong their shelf-life as they provide an even and constant charging system.

3. Detachable Floor Liners


Nowadays, road trips have become more popular due to the limited availability of air travel. It means that more and more people are spending hours inside their cars than before. However, things could get messy inside your vehicle, especially if you’re a fan of drinking coffee while driving.

Can you imagine how hard it is to clean the mess caused by coffee spillage and the costs to clean it? If you want to avoid dealing with hard-to-remove stains and dirt, it would be best to give your car a floor liner. This will help you catch all the dirt and spillage, preserving your car’s native carpet clean and always new.

Also, floor liners are detachable and easy to clean. So, you might want to grab yours now and start maintaining the cleanliness of your new vehicle.

4. Locking Roof Carriers


When planning a road trip, it is essential to bring bulky gear and equipment, such as surfboards, kayaks, and paddleboards. However, these items will surely eat up a lot of interior space, especially for people operating small vehicles. For this reason, it would be best to give your car a reliable carrier attachment. You may also want to look for those that work well with crossbars and other bulky tools.

With rooftop cargo carriers, you can free up tons of interior space that you can use for other necessities, such as food supplies and more. Also, they have functional straps and fasteners that allow everyone to load and unload things easily. Furthermore, carriers come in various sizes, so make sure that the one you’ll choose fits your travel needs.

5. Inspection Flashlights


Sometimes, long-distance road trips and daily travels are filled with unexpected circumstances, such as broken machinery and immediate maintenance. It would be fortunate if these things happen during the day. However, such cases may occur during the night, and it won’t be easy to repair your engine without any access to light.

With that said, it would always be best to carry a high-quality flashlight inside your glove compartment. Also, make sure you have extra batteries because your flashlight will be useless if it’s not functioning at all.

Furthermore, choose a flashlight with focused beams to prevent distracting other drivers that may pass by, avoiding catastrophic accidents.

6. Waterproof Dog Seat Cover

Nowadays, road trips have become one of the most anticipated family activities. It means that many families want to take their lovely pets with them, especially when there’s no one to take care of them at home. However, you have to consider the risks when you bring your pets with you.

Bringing your pets means you have to take care of their dirt, poop, and fur. Because of that, you might need a cover to prevent all of those from messing your car’s built-in upholstery and carpets, which are really hard to clean. If you have this installed on your new car, you won’t have to worry and be nervous about those grimes, making your road trips stress-free and relaxing.

7. Heavy-Duty Bike Rack


Weekend biking is one of the best ways to enjoy the moments with your loved ones. Also, it would be best to do this in places you rarely visit, such as riversides or anywhere far from the busy sights of the city. However, bikes are too bulky to fit inside your car. Because of this, it would be best to install a back rack capable of carrying large mountain bikes.

Bike racks could be installed at the back or the roof of your car, depending on where you want to put them. But if you’re planning to carry three to four bikes, it would be best to place them on the roof of your car. This way, you can avoid damaging other cars along the road.

Final Words

Now that you have finally achieved your dream of buying a new car, it would be best to enjoy it without being stressed. In that case, you might need some car accessories that will make your daily travels easy and stress-free.

Also, some of these gadgets are helpful when it comes to family road trips with fun-filled and exciting activities, such as biking, kayaking, camping, and more. So, make sure to get some of these excellent tools before your next trip down the road.