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You’ve heard it said countless times: 60 is the new 50, and 50 is the new 40. With many adults not simply just staying active after 45-60, but remaining adventurous and continuing to do the things they did when they were younger, a large market share of various sporting equipment now targets older people.

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Mountain biking is no exception. Once exclusively the purview of the young, mountain biking is making gains among bicycle riders over 45 in ways it never has before. Part of the reason for this is because of the many, many advances in bike technologies, including electric boosters and greater speed requiring less effort from older riders.

​Are there special mountain bikes for seniors, or should you consider buying a standard mountain bike? Those are just a few of the questions this article will answer if you are an older rider looking for a mountain bike or the child of an older person attempting to help them make an informed choice about the best mountain bike for older riders.

Top 5 Model Comparison Table

​Image Bike Electric Manual ​Rating

1. ANCHEER 2019

Editors Choice



Anschin 26"

2. Aceshin 26″




3. Yiilove



Petrill 26”

4. Petreill 26”




5. Wallke




Best Mountain Bikes for Older Riders Reviews

1. ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike


ANCHEER is one of the leading manufacturers producing high-quality, durable mountain bikes for older riders.

The Ancheer 2019 electric mountain bike has all the bells and whistles a senior rider would need for a day out on the trails.

For one thing, the bike is made of 100 percent aluminum alloy (frame), while the front fork is made with carbon steel.

The aluminum alloy frame means the bike is lightweight, so older riders won’t tire carrying the bike from their vehicle to the start of the trail.

With an industry-leading break and gears shift system, this bike has a whopping 21-speed transmission system, meaning no matter what you are experiencing on the trail, an older rider can find the right speed they feel most comfortable riding at.

The brake system includes front and rear disc brakes – almost like a car. The 38-volt lithium-ion battery is removable. This bike even comes with a charger, making it easy for the older mountain bike rider to charge their battery as needed.

The battery itself and motor have a one-year warranty.

You can even order the bike fully assembled.

This model is 6’1″ high, with 26″ diameter wheels and weighs only about 50 lbs. The handlebar length is 26.7 inches–the perfect size for older riders.

  • Electric motor
  • 50 lb weight
  • 1 yr warranty on battery, motor
  • 21 speeds
  • Must specify if you want to be assembled when ordering


2. Aceshin 26″


Aceshin’s 26″ electric mountain bike is another model that is excellent for older mountain bikers.

Expertly crafted from lightweight but super-strong aluminum alloy, it is painted with material that is both anti-rust and anti-exposure, meaning you can use the bike in all kinds of weather and conditions without worrying about fading or rusting.

An excellent mountain bike for older riders, it also has front and rear disc breaks and 21 speeds.

This bike can also be operated as a normal bicycle without the battery. It features an LED 3-speed smart meter button, allowing the rider to easily activate the electric power according to riding conditions and immediate needs.

This bike also has a special throttle control, allowing you to get a quick start down a trail, at a traffic light, or if you need to get away from something undesirable behind you on any trail or roadway.

  • Works electric or manual
  • 21 speeds
  • Throttle control
  • LED SmartSpeed Meter
  • Expensive


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3. Yiilove Electric Mountain Bike


Although many older mountain bike riders may not have heard of Yiilove, it is quickly becoming one of the preferred brands of mountain bikes for older riders.

A purely electric bike, you can’t switch between electric and manual, but it still allows for maximum flexibility and features for the older rider.

On the downside, however, this bike does have some issues. For one thing, it has plastic pedals, which aren’t as durable as aluminum alloy pedals.

This bike is very loud when operating, which may mean it won’t work well for some users who use their mountain bike for birding or photographing wildlife.

  • 21 speeds
  • Electric-only
  • Very Noisy
  • Plastic pedals


4. Petreill 26”


Economically priced considering all the features, Petreill’s 26″ adult mountain bike is one of the best mountain bikes for older riders on the market.

The 100 percent aluminum alloy frame has had the varnished electrostatically baked-on, meaning it is highly durable.

It comes with anti-slip and wear-resistant tires and shock absorbing front forks, meaning it is a very smooth and stable ride for an older rider.

It operates both electrically and manually and has a third mode that combines the two. That is rare among the best mountain bikes for older riders on this list.

It has a fantastic multi-function LED dashboard with real-time speed and distance traveled available on the display.

The electric motor, battery, and charger have a 1-year warranty. Best of all, the bike comes 85-percent assembled and is super easy to finish up on your own. However, be prepared: the installation instructions are a bit tricky, so you may want to pay a little extra to have it fully assembled.

This bike gets rave reviews for climbing both steep and normal hills.

  • Multi-Function LED DashBoard
  • Smooth ride
  • Good price for all these features
  • Great for hill climbing
  • Only 85 percent assembled
  • Poor and complex assembly instructions


5. Wallke


The 26-inch adult electric bike by Wallke is the most expensive on this list of best mountain bikes for older riders. However, with this bike, you get what you pay for.

The handlebars come with a USB socket – a feature offered very few mountain bikes for senior riders. Too, it has a mobile phone holder built-in on the handlebar.

The all-aluminum frame is light and more durable than nearly any other mountain bike for older riders on the market.

Double-disc hydraulic breaks are among the best in the industry and work very well on slick pathways.

The LCD meter display shows driving time, mileage, and remaining power–the latter being something most bikes don’t actually show you.
  • USB socket
  • Good breaks for slick paths
  • LCD meter shows remaining power
  • VERY expensive
  • Unspecified warranty


Older Rider Mountain Bike Buying Considerations

Are you too old to mountain bike


When considering what mountain bike for older riders is the best for you, you will first want to consider whether or not you want an all-electric mountain bike, one that offers electric and manual settings, or one that can offer electric, manual, and pedal-assist (which is a hybrid electric-manual automatic setting available on very few models). Remember though that you can always change the pedals on your bike to suit your needs.


You will also want to consider the weight of the bike, and what you can physically carry from your vehicle to the trailhead.


Consider the finish as well, if you are an all-weather mountain biker. You’ll want an all-weather paint job, or a mountain bike for older riders that specifies exactly how the coating is applied to the frame.


A warranty is very important on a mountain bike for older riders, because all typically have electric motors. You will want to make sure that both the bike and electric parts, battery, and charger are covered under some type of warranty. If not, you’ll want to consider purchasing a protection plan, since none of these bikes are under $600 and would be costly to replace if a single part went bad.


Life at 60 - Mountain Biking

Your riding comfort and safety are paramount when selecting the best mountain bike for older riders. Make sure to carefully balance the type of riding you will do with the features available on the mountain bikes for older riders you are considering purchasing.

Finally, don’t forget about making an apples-to-apples comparison of all the mountain bikes for older riders you are considering. If you want an all-electric bike with no manual features, make sure you aren’t comparing it to a bike with both manual and automatic features.

Following these simple guidelines will help you select the best mountain bike for older riders, leading to many years of fun and enjoyment on the trail.

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