Bike tourism is awesome because it allows you to experience things differently than you would with a vehicle. Each bike trip is different from the last, which is why no two bike trip gear lists look the same. But with all that said, there are a few items that make up a large portion of these lists. These items are essential for any bike trip and they are related to the different aspects of the trip itself. Some are directly related to the bike, and some directly impact and make the road ahead easier.

So without further ado, we present to you our most essential 5 things to better prepare you for your next bike trip.

1. Bike Pump

A no brainer when it comes to bike trips, a bike pump is an essential item that solves a lot of problems. A bike pump is generally used to pump air into the tires. Bike trips are oftentimes long and our tires are prone to releasing pressure, which makes the trip itself harder. For a pro tip, we suggest you get a bike pump with a gauge that will accurately measure how much you would need to pump. There have been things previously said that bike pumps with gauges aren’t accurate, all we can say to that is that it’s all a load of rubbish.

2. Trunk Bike Racks

We mentioned at the start of the article that some of these things will relate to different aspects of the bike trip. In the case where you’ll be driving to reach the starting destination of your bike trip, an absolute necessity is to have a bike rack installed onto your trunk. While there are tons of different types of bike racks, we suggest you head over to carcaretotal for more information on how to find the best one for your car. The best way to transport bikes for your bike trip is through a bike rack, so don’t hesitate on getting one.

3. Powerbank

As much as we love being in the wilderness, a powerbank is a necessity when it comes to being in the woods. Although I used to love the days of cycling through the country without any electronic equipment, a few gadgets such as this make life so much easier. Your phone’s battery will not last long while on a bike trip, and a powerbank is a handy gadget that can recharge your phone battery multiple times.

4. Puncture Repair Kit

Most cyclers take a spare inner tube whenever on a bike trip. But a good item to have to help you with puncture holes is a puncture repair kit. Since cycling through the countryside or mountains can oftentimes be rough for your tires, patching any puncture holes is made easy with this repair kit. I always carry one with me for my bike trips, and I recommend it to everyone.

5. Swiss Army Knife

We’ve reached the end of our article, and so far we’ve mentioned things that relate to other aspects of the bike trip. We feel as we don’t have to mention stuff such as water bottles, gloves, backpacks, and helmets as absolute essentials since its common sense. One thing, however, that people often overlook is a Swiss army knife.

A Swiss army knife is a type of gear that makes your life so much easier while on the road. Whether you need the corkscrew, or bottle opener, or even one of the knives, a Swiss army knife is something that I always carry with me during my bike trips.