Young drivers have the highest rates of fatal crashes compared to other age groups. That’s the reason why quote for insurance for teen drivers (know more) are always high. But there are still ways of getting a cheaper coverage even if the intended policy holder is young. When the young driver improves on safety rules with a track record, they can receive better insurance quote when next they are renewing or taking up a new car insurance policy. So, our interest here is to offer safety rules and advice on how to drive and stay safe.

Learning the Basics


If you are just starting out on your driving, especially using a manual car, begin slowly and methodically. Make sure your seat belt is properly placed once you sit down. Also, it will be better not to completely roll up the car windows while learning. It will enable you hear the sound of revving engine and shift gears properly. Evn as a learner, we are sure you know which one of the pedal, break, and clutch, so we are going to skip that part.

Make sure you know what the clutch does for the car, and use it appropriately. That’s of course, if you’re learning with a manual car.

The clutch works by disengaging the engine from the wheel. When one or both of the wheels are spinning, it’s the duty of the clutch to allow the driver switch gears without grinding the teeth of the gears. So, before changing gears, you need to depress the gear.
As you are starting out, it can be tricky to understand the intricacies of driving. But as you get more experience, you will be able to drive easily and more carefully.

Quick Tips For Young Drivers


Okay, as a young driver, it can be a bit challenging to understand all the rules guiding drivers when on the road. The following tips will help you drive your car safely.

1. Never drink and drive

This is a total no-no, especially when you are still learning how to drive. Even the most experienced drivers are regularly influenced by alcohol and make the wrong call when driving. Even a small amount of alcohol is enough to cloud one’s judgments, so don’t even consider taking a little or staying within limits. You could be putting yourself and others at a great risk.

Keep the car in perfect running condition: Before you hit the road, it’s important to verify that everything is in order in the car. Also, make sure you service the car regularly to prevent any sudden development of issues on the road. With proper maintenance, you can discover minor issues in the car before they become aggravated to cause accidents.

2. Always concentrate on the road

If you want to stay completely safe on the road and avoid accidents, you need to give the road 100% attention. That means you don’t need to remove your eyes from the road to search for something in your car or on the floor. Also, you should resist the temptation of texting or making calls while driving, even when you’re using an earpiece. Talking while driving means you don’t have complete concentration, which may be enough to miss a little detail. Accidents can happen in a twinkle of an eye, so you need to be prepared to avoid missing any detail or seeing something too late. Testing and calling while driving are major causes of accidents on the road. It’s even illegal to do so across all states. So, you need to avoid doing that until you get to your destination safely.

3. Always maintain the required speed limits


Over speeding is the major cause of fatal accidents on the road. That is why authorities set speed limits to prevent some of these issues. They are set for a reason and as a young driver, you should always stay within the posted speed limits. The speed limits vary in different locations. For instance, speed signs are posted in schools zones so that drivers can slow down and allow school children cross safely. There are other signs in strategic locations as well. But you can also adjust your speed limits in certain whether conditions. For instance, if it’s raining, it will be safer for you to reduce your speed limits. That’s because you may not see clear, and cars don’t do well in such weather conditions.

4. Make your car in a great running shape

Taking care of the car might assist you in staying away from a wide range of risky dangers. It consists of standard oil transformations or tunes-ups, examining the tire pressure, or filling up the gas tank.

5. Put on the seat belt

It is compulsory. Ensure that the passengers can put on theirs as well. When it comes to dangerous car incidents, nearly 60% were found to be unbuckled.

6. Keep away from distractions


You need to maintain your eyes on the street. It shows that there is no eating, calling, and turning nearby to chat with buddies in the backseat. Incidents might occur for a while, but if you pay attention, you can get a great opportunity of staying away from one.

7. Alter the accessories

No, not your bling. We are discussing ensuring your seat is located around a handy area or testing the mirrors to ensure that you have obtained the perfect view.

8. Do not tailgate

Chasing up closely is one of the primary causes of accidents. Keep in mind that the three-second rule is like grabbing the item on the street towards, and while the car in front of you passed the item slower count “one-one thousand to three-one thousand”. When you approach the item before finishing the count, you can follow it very closely.


As a young driver who is still learning how to drive safely, it’s important to follow the simple rules on the road. That’s because, apart from keeping you safe, it will keep others safe too. Ensure regular car maintenance and avoid doing anything that may cloud your judgments on the road. That way, you can stay safe and protect the lives and properties of others as well.