Car tuning is a very popular choice for many car enthusiasts. The main reason why it is so interesting to redesign the vehicle is the fact that there are numerous methods that you can use to create a unique design for your ride. Besides the design, you can also tune the vehicle and improve its performance by replacing some parts and adding high-end versions that can increase the speed, stability, agility, fuel consumption, and more. On the other hand, the most popular choice is to redesign the vehicle by adding or replacing its parts to make it more attractive.

Some of the most popular options are paint job, design of the interior, adding spoilers, installing new devices, adding a better stereo system, and more. Also, we can see that lighting systems are a very popular solution as well, especially LED lights. The advantage of LED lights is that you can add them to different parts of the vehicle and create a unique design that will attract everyone. Here are some of the best examples of LED light installations in vehicles.

1. Adding Lights in the Doors


There are many methods for installing lights in the doors of the vehicle. Also, the main advantage of LED systems is that you can choose between various sizes, colors, and many other features. For example, you can add strips inside near the bottom that will make a unique appearance, and you can enjoy it more while driving. Moreover, adding a logo of the brand of your car or some other application is also a very popular choice. You can visit CarLEDLogo to check out some of the best door projector lights.

2. Dashboard

Adding LED strips to the dashboard is also a very popular choice. However, it is very important to pay attention to that these lights won’t affect your vision during driving. Also, adding too bright systems will bother you while driving at night. In that matter, you should choose some low-brightness modes. When it comes to installation, you can add them around the stereo system, under the speedometer, around the gearbox, and many other places. It is very important to combine the colors with the other parts of your interior to create an even better appearance.

3. Wheels


Although this is not a very popular option because it can be complicated to install the LED lights in the wheels, with the introduction of modern systems where you can have devices that are using separate batteries instead of the one in the car, the process of installation is much easier. Also, the most recent systems have wireless control, which means that you can switch between various colors whenever you want. The main benefit is that your car will look amazing while you drive it during the night.

4. Replace the Headlights

While many people choose to add LED lights for an attractive appearance, there are many other benefits as well, such as the longer lifespan, reduced power consumption, brighter light, and improved vision during the night. There are also benefits related to passengers and other vehicles because these lights won’t distract them in any way. With the improvements in design and technology, replacing regular headlights with diodes will improve the look of the vehicle as well. You can also use an HID conversion kit on your car, the purpose of which is to improve the brightness of the headlights. Check out this article at about finding the best HID conversion kit for your car.

5. Roof and Floor


You can add all sorts of strips around the car, especially on the roof and floor. However, you should read more about the laws and regulations to be sure that your customization won’t cause any penalties and other issues with the officials. Therefore, you should avoid adding too much light, which can become a distraction during driving and make your car less safe. Therefore, you can choose a thin strip of light to add on the floor near the doors or around the roof.

Benefits of LED Lights

One of the main reasons why people are choosing this method is the simplicity and great effect that you can acquire. Also, you can find many tutorials online where you can manage to easily connect the system without any issues. Moreover, the advantage is that you can play around with different styles and change them more often. For example, modern devices can be connected to your smartphone where you can easily change colors and brightness. Nevertheless, most of these devices are cheap and can last for a long time. While there are many other methods of customization, adding lightning systems is the most affordable solution, which is another reason for such popularity.



There is a great selection on the market, and some of the most popular ones are high output, DC Flex, and AC Flex. When it comes to high output, you will need a stronger battery, but they offer a great capacity. On the other hand, DC Flex is much more flexible since you can choose between various lengths. The AC Flex is the easiest to install.

The Bottom Line

Before you choose the proper system, you should learn more about some important features like water resistance, which is crucial if you are planning to install lights as part of the exterior, and available color specter. Moreover, you should research the market to find the best manufacturers and proper value-for-money options. Also, flexibility is very important if you need to install the lights on some parts like wheels or a dashboard. The average price is quite affordable, with around $30 for a standard LED stripe.

Therefore, you can create a whole new look on your car by investing only around few hundred, which is much more affordable when we compare it with other methods of restyling. We also have to mention that this simple improvement can raise the value of your vehicle and make it easier for you to sell it. The process of selection is also simple, with many companies available online where you can choose from hundreds of products. However, you should pay attention to some details to be sure that the device is compatible with your car battery and that it will improve the design.