From the day your fiancé proposed, until the best day, you want to make sure everything is perfect. The bride and the groom want to deliver the invitations on time, to find a great venue for the wedding and have the best dress and suit. Planning a wedding is not the easiest task you may have in your life, but sure it’s unforgettable and funny.

After you organized everything, you need to pay attention to one small detail that is also important. That’s the wedding car that will help you get away from the celebration and leave for your honeymoon. The wedding car decorating includes many modern, traditional, and unique details and there are a lot of creative ways to personalize it and make it special for the newlyweds.

Here are a few gorgeous tips and ideas for how to decorate a wedding car:

1. Traditional empty tin cans

We’ve seen it in the movies. The maids of honor and the best man use bows to add tin cans behind the vehicle, so when they leave, everyone can hear them and wish them luck. You can choose different sizes and colors, that match the wedding theme. Instead of using metal cans, you can make them by yourself by using their paper alternatives. You only need glue, colors, and wrapping paper, so you can make a lot of different designs.

2. Hang a lot of bows and flowers

Use the same flowers as the bride’s bouquet and match it with the party decorations. You can let your imagination do the rest. Combine different types of flowers, bows, and labels, and wedding-related decorations. Everything is allowed on special days like the wedding day is.

3. “Just married” banner


Some newlyweds decide to write these words with paint on the windows, but custom made banners are always a better idea. You can make the design by yourself or hire a professional that will make them for you. This is also a traditional decoration that is always beautiful and effective.

4. Custom registration plates

License plates are regulated by many laws and conditions. But, when it comes to the wedding, you can replace your current number plates with “Just married” one. You need to know that you need to remove it when the wedding ends and bring back your old plates.

Also, if you want to do something special, you can order personalized ones from a trusted number plate maker as, and use a combination of your initials and the wedding date, to create a brand new registration for your vehicle.

5. Colorful celebration balloons

Tie some pretty balloons to your vehicle. Everything is allowed for special occasions like weddings. The different types of balloons are always a great idea to lift the spirits up and make you feel happy and festive, even when you are too tired from taking pictures and greet everyone who is invited to your wedding.

6. Easily removable car wrap

Car wraps are popular between the people who want to personalize their vehicles. You can use this idea for your wedding day. Be sure that you are buying easily removable wraps, that won’t cause huge damage to the surface. Ask a professional to help you stick the wrap to the vehicle, so you can avoid mistakes and won’t need to repurchase a new one.

7. Put a big ribbon

This is a simple and yet very effective way to decorate the wedding car. You can choose between a wide array of bows, labels, and ribbons that match the party theme and make the vehicle look magnificent.

Is less really more?

We always want to say that less is more, but sometimes, people love to get extreme with some decisions. If you decorate the car for your own wedding, do that together with your spouse, so you can avoid fights and arguments. If you do that for your friend who gets married, you need to be respectful of the couple’s wishes and preferences. Some couples are extravagant and others can be traditional. You need to know them really well so you won’t make mistakes.

Who needs to decorate the wedding car?

There is no strict rule that says who needs to plan the vehicle decoration. Sometimes the groom and the bride can make it by themselves, or with a little help from their friends and family. In other cases, people believe that this is a job for the best man or for the maids of honor. But, never mind who decorates it, they need to follow the newlyweds taste and don’t make it look funny and messy.

What do we need for good decorations?

Use paint that is easy to remove with water and soap. For example, spray paint may look like a good solution, but it may cause scratches and damages to the car’s paint. Don’t use plastic tape to stick the decorations to the surface, because they may leave marks or remove the colors.

A bar of soap is great to use to write “Just married” on the windows. If you use a banner don’t cover the license plate. If you want to customize the plate, you need to ask your local driving license bureau to allow you to do that. As we previously said, you need to remove the “Just married” plate immediately right after the celebration.

To avoid surface damages, try to use biodegradable decorations and materials. If they leave some mark, the first rain will remove it without leaving any scratch. The cans we already mentioned can be replaced with paper ones because the reaction between the metal and asphalt can cause sparks. Don’t use plastic flowers because some of them can fall off during driving. By doing this, you will avoid plastic contamination in the environment. Even though this is a special day, you shouldn’t harm nature.

We hope these tips and ideas helped you get a better vision of what you really want for your wedding day. We wish you all the best in your new life together.