Defensive driving is a collective term for several safety practices used by motor vehicle operators while on the road. These measures allow them to prevent accidents and protect themselves from factors like poor weather or bad driving behaviors from other people that could be dangerous and life-threatening.

Why Road Safety Measures Are Vital For Bikers


For motorcycle riders, defensive driving is quite vital because it’s believed that accidents related to bikes are more severe than those involving other vehicles. These tragedies could result from the bad driving habits of other road users or mistakes from the riders themselves. However, in most cases, motorcycle operators are blamed even when the fault isn’t theirs. For this reason, bikers are always advised to practice the best driving practices, so they have a higher chance of winning a case if they’re involved in an accident.

Besides that, a rider needs to get an excellent attorney if they’re involved in a crash. These professionals are knowledgeable and well-experienced in handling even the most unique or complicated bike cases. In case of an accident, they’ll first investigate to identify the person at fault. If they establish that the other party is responsible, they’ll help the rider get compensation for injuries, motorcycle wrecks, or other losses. Also, the lawyer could help the operator’s family get indemnified for wrongful death in case of loss of life.

That being so, it’s incredibly vital for bikers to ensure they hire a lawyer with a great record. The right individual should be skilled and experienced in their work. Additionally, they should also be professional, fully involved in your case, and excellent communicators.

Also, consider those who offer free first appointments. According to, if you need their services, you get a free consultation. This factor is quite essential as you can easily rate a lawyer’s knowledge and expertise before they even start working on your case.

Defensive Driving Tactics For Riders

Practicing defensive driving is vital for any motorcycle rider, whether experienced or a novice motorist. It’ll not only save your life but it’d also ensure you’re not wrongfully accused of an accident. If you’re looking for ways to increase safety as a biker, this article could be of great help. Below are some measures to prevent accidents on busy or less-trafficked roads:

1. Always Check Your Bike Before Any Ride


Before any ride, it’s essential to check your bike. Minor motorcycle problems could cause the most severe accidents, which isn’t the case with cars. For instance, if a four-wheeled vehicle gets a puncture on the road, an operator can easily drive aside and call for help. However, for a rider, this issue can be catastrophic.

Therefore, it’d be good to ensure each part of your motorcycle is in good condition before you begin any trip. Some of the things you could check are the wheels, lights, engine, brakes, fluids, pedals, and chains.

2. Maintain Good Speeds On The Road


Over time, motorcycle operators have been reputed for racing. However, this excessive speeding is a major cause of accidents amongst bikers. The faster you go, the more limited time you have to react to hazardous road factors like bad drivers, unexpected bends, or pedestrians.
Therefore, it’d be good to ensure you always maintain good speed while on the road. This could help ensure you have more time to react to unpleasant factors that could be dangerous.

3. Be Visible To Other Motorists


While on the road, it’s essential to ensure other motorists can see you. Usually, wearing high-visibility clothes and having your bike brightly colored helps significantly. However, if other drivers can’t see you, they could collide with you or make you cause an accident when avoiding them.

Therefore, always ensure you’re in a position that increases your visibility. This can be done by leaving enough space between you and the car in front of you. Also, make sure you can see one side mirror of the vehicle ahead of you. If you can see it, then it also means the driver can see you, too. This measure could enhance your safety by reducing the risk of a collision.

4. Always Wear Protective Gear


Wearing protective gear is also essential as it could help minimize injuries in case of a crash. In most cases, if an accident involving a motorcycle happens, a rider can fall on the rough pavement or road, which could cause minor or severe injuries, depending on what the biker has on.

For instance, if a crash happens and you only have a pair of shorts, a sleeveless shirt, and no helmet, the chances of being seriously injured are much higher. You could suffer extreme skin lacerations, broken bones, or terrible head injuries. However, if you’ve got accessories like boats, leather pants, glasses, bike gloves, a denim jacket, and a helmet, the harm caused could be less severe.

5. Educate Yourself On Road Laws


As a rider, it’s likely for you to tour other regions. It can be exciting and could help you form friendships with new people. However, it’s essential to remember that road rules may differ in different locations.

Therefore, if you’re about to ride in a new area, it’s essential to ensure you first learn and understand their traffic laws. This measure can help prevent any confusion while on the road and reduce the risk of any accidents.

That being so, it’s likely for people to forget some of their country’s road laws. This could happen if you’ve got many responsibilities or don’t ride often. So, if you feel like you’ve forgotten some rules, it’d be good to consider a refresher course for safety purposes.


In most regions, motorcycle accidents account for more fatalities and injuries on the road compared to other vehicles. However, operators could prevent these crashes by practicing defensive driving. Some of the safety measures they could consider are explained above. They include checking bikes before any ride and maintaining manageable speeds in traffic.

Also, the operators should always wear protective gear and make sure they’re visible to other motorists while on the road. Lastly, if they tour new regions, they should first educate themselves on the area’s laws before any trip.