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Every year, 40,000 bikes get stolen in the US, with more than half never to be seen again, at least not by their rightful owner. On the other hand, roughly 46% of all stolen motorcycles do get recovered. If you want to increase your chances of finding your bike, you should consider installing a motorcycle GPS tracker.

Bikes are easy to steal

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Motorcycles are easy prey, no matter what anti-theft device you use. You cannot always secure your bike, especially when you go about town all day and stop in various places. Who takes the time to secure the bike with a chain when you stop to grab a coffee? No one. How long will you be in that coffee shop? 15 minutes, 30 minutes, surely no one will steal my bike in such a short time, you tell yourself. Instead, they will, given half a chance. Also, the lock is doubtless not sufficient enough for your bike protection cause each lock has a weak point. A sophisticated lock or a strong chain usually cannot protect your bike because many electric tools can cut through all of them easily. If it happens, you will not likely see your motor vehicle ever again. However, by using a tracking device, thieves may get away with your bike, but they will not be able to keep it, and you can get your motorcycle back. Also, most modern cars come equipped with a steering lock or an electronic immobilizer. Many motorcycle owners do not even bother with those if they think they will only be away for a short time. Even if they did, that would not stop thieves. They do not need to start the bike when they can load it in a van and vanish with it in a matter of minutes. To sum up, the only way to locate your motorcycle at all times is by installing a motorcycle GPS tracking device. Visit for all you need.

How can a motorcycle GPS tracker help?

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A GPS tracker does not prevent theft, but it helps you get your bike back. With bike thefts, time is of the essence. Specialized gangs exactly know what they are going to do with your bike. In most cases, haul it to a garage, where it will be taken apart for spare parts. By evening, your beautiful bike will be nothing more than a heap of junk.

What do you do when you discover your motorcycle is missing? Call the police and ask for help? How do they even start looking for it in a big city?

There is where the GPS tracker comes in. This small device will send the exact location of your bike while it is being moved. It changes the situation completely. You do not need to ask the police to find your bike. You know where it is, so all you need is some help to retrieve it. Even if the thieves hide the bike in a remote storage unit, you have the address, and you can have the police pick it up for you. All in all, the main benefit of a motorcycle GPS tracker is that, if needed, this device helps you and law enforcement officials locate your motorcycle quickly and effortlessly.

What additional features do motorcycle GPS trackers can offer?

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A motorcycle GPS tracker does more than hold back thieves – it also can record information about your bike and lets you know when it needs to be maintained. Also, GPS tracking devices benefit you by helping to save your money. GPS tracker records your motor vehicle and gives you a report of useful data, such as fuel usage, maintenance services, the number of miles you have covered in a journey, rider behavior, informing a dangerous maneuver, break of the speed limit, and much more. This allows you to control the gas and labor cost easily and also keeps you safe. Additionally, real-time location tracking not only provides you with the exact location and movement reports of your bike when stolen, but it can let you plan, record, and retrace your track when taking a road trip as well. As a motorcycle GPS tracking device can record your route, you can retrace it to get back to the starting point. Also, you can travel anywhere without fear of getting lost because you can track your route accurately and find your way back with no troubles. To sum up, depending on your requirements, you need to decide which GPS tracking device is for you. Familiarize yourself with available GPS tracking devices with all of the software capabilities you want.

How does a motorcycle GPS tracker work?

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A motorcycle GPS tracker wirelessly transmits the location of your bike to your mobile device. The GPS tracking system uses a satellite network and ground stations to identify the location of the signal from a tracking device. A GPS tracker activates automatically the moment you remove your key fob and walk away. When a thief starts moving your bike, the device will send an alarm message to your phone. If you are fast enough, you can get out to see the thieves making off with your ride. A motorcycle GPS tracker has an eSIM card which allows it to connect to a 3G or 4G network to send out its real-time coordinates.

You will receive those coordinates on your phone, so you will know exactly where your bike is. The device will not stop sending out its location even if the bike is hidden in a garage.

GPS trackers can also inform you of the bike’s speed and the direction in which it is traveling. Also, most motorcycle GPS trackers are very easy to install in various places on the motorcycle. Keep in mind that some GPS tracking units need to be hardwired to the bike’s engine to work, while others are battery-operated. Hardwired GPS trackers are more difficult for thieves to remove, but battery-powered trackers are much easier to install.

Most importantly, try to be a little creative in finding a good hiding spot on your bike to make it difficult for thieves to locate and deactivate. However, deciding to set up a motorbike tracking device with all the benefits shared above is the best decision to reassure the safety of your motorcycle.