Motorcycle rides are always fun, and people who love adventures are always ready to embark on a long journey with their favorite bike. However, before starting a long journey, it is essential to make sure that all the parts of a motorcycle are in good condition for the trip to be smooth.

Motorcycle screens or windscreens as they are popularly known are made of acrylic glasses or polycarbonates, and they protect the rider against the dry air, torrential rain, hail, etc. Thus, if your motorcycle has a broken or damaged motorcycle screen, then you should quickly check out the latest motorcyclescreens available in the market.

7 Reasons By Motorcycle Windscreens Are An Absolute Must

1. They Protect You Against Frost Bites


Frost bites are common in cold temperatures, and they are painful and very harmful to the skin. Frost bites cause numbing of the skin; they often result in skin discoloration.

Most bikers wear gloves and cover their faces if they are riding in cold weather, but the windscreen is absolutely necessary to protect your face against the blast of cold air that your face is exposed to when riding at high speeds.

2. They Are Good For Your Vital Organs

Most bikers may not associate the windscreen in front of the bike with the safety of vital body organs; however, it is actually essential for organs like the lungs. If you are a biker who rides in cold weather, then the windscreen will protect you against the stinging cold wind that enters your nose.

Cold wind puts extra pressure on your lungs. The lungs warm and add moisture to the air that enters the body. So if the air that naturally enters your nose is very cold, then the lungs will have to work very hard to increase the temperature of the air and humidify it. So by inhaling excess cold air while riding, you are harming a vital body organ like the lungs. The windscreen obstructs the cold wind to a great extent, so that blast of cold air does not directly enter your nose.

3. They Protect The Body Against Rain


Getting drenched in the rain is not fun, especially if you do not have the opportunity to change your clothes quickly. Most bikers take a road trip for many hours before stopping for rest. Hence, they must be very careful to protect themselves while riding in the rain.

Bike riders wear special raincoats to protect their body against the rain, but a windscreen is essential for additional protection. The problem with bikes is that they run at high speeds, so as the direction of the falling rain is opposite to the direction in which the bike is moving, the rain hits the biker’s body with a lot of force. So windscreens are vital to protect the biker’s body against the heavy onslaught of rains.

4. They Protect The Face Against Dry Air

Bikers who ride in hot and dry regions of the world need to protect themselves against the dry air. Dry air is bad for riders and can worsen preexisting respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma. Apart from this, dry air can make the throat sore and irritate the eye because it deprives the eye of lubrication.

The worst short-term impact of dry air is a nosebleed. This is because dry air cracks and irritates the inner lining of the nose, and this may cause the nose to bleed. Windscreens divert the dry air away from the face of the bike rider and thus protect the rider against a host of problems like nose bleeds, sore throat, etc.

5. They Protect Against Back Pain


Windscreens divert air, so the impact of wind on the rider is minimized. In areas that are dry and uninhabited, the wind moves at great speeds. When a bike is being driven against a strong wind, then the biker faces the direct impact of the wind. The stronger the wind, the greater the impact on the biker’s spinal cord to sit upright against the wind.

Since bike riders have to sit upright for long periods of time, their spinal cord has to endure a lot of strain. Riding against a gust of wind thus aggravates the strain on the already strained spinal cord of a rider. Thus, the windscreen protects the biker’s spinal cord against long-term damage by diverting the wind and reducing the force with which it impacts the body.

6. They Reduce The Fatigue In A Rider

Windshields protect the rider against the direct impact of wind, rainfall, etc. Since the force of the elements is reduced, the biker has to expend less energy while riding. Thus a windshield makes sure that the rider does not get tired easily while he is riding.

7. They Protect The Body Against Hailstones

Most bike riders prefer to stay indoors while it is snowing outdoors. But at times, a rider may get caught in a sudden hail storm, and in such cases, the windshield comes to his rescue. The pieces of hail are made up of solid ice, and they can be quite painful if they hit the body. The windshield diverts the hail stones, and thus they can protect the body against them.

Taking Care Of The Motorcycle Screen

So far, we have seen how motorcycle shields are absolutely essential for a biker’s health and safety. Thus, it is essential to take good care to maintain these shields for a long time. The shield should be cleaned regularly with a flannel or a cotton cloth. Also, they can be coated with an extra layer of polish that protects the polycarbonate against rain.


Most experienced bikes realize the importance of a windshield in ensuring that they can ride safely for a long time. Hence before they embark on a long journey, they get all the parts of their bike, including the motorcycle screen, checked and replaced if necessary. However, while buying a new one, you should check whether it fits your biker properly.