Effective air filtration is essential to guarantee the durability and efficient operation trucks and their engine components. Donaldson filtration offers top-class air filters that are excellent aftermarket parts for European Trucks like DAF, IVECO, MAN, and many others available at www.multispares.co.nz. Getting high quality filters is critical. Even tiny quantities of contamination and dirt can lead to massive engine damage, leading to costly, unscheduled downtime or even failure.

Features of Donaldson Filtration


Donaldson filtration can guarantee the best engine protection and performance, especially with the current highly complex engines used in most trucks. Here are some of the main features that make Donaldson deliver optimal air filtration:

Robust liners – Donaldson air filters are made from highly durable steel liners. They are also corrosion-resistant, which means they will last for a longer time. These linkers support the filtration media and also assist in maximizing the overall airflow into your truck’s engine.

Pleatloc™ media spacing – This customized media spacing feature makes sure that the pleat is spaced uniformly. That way, there is no risk of bunching together. The result is extended service life. Also, beading is applied to the filter lines to prevent tip wear of the pleats and provide stabilization to the filtration media.

Different media types available – You can get Donaldson aftermarket parts for European trucks in various media types, ranging from the standard cellulose version to the vibration resistant and flame retardant media. You can find a Donaldson air filter that suits your needs based on your engine requirements.

Why Choose Donaldson Filtration for your Air Filter Needs?


Donaldson air filters are specifically built to tolerate extreme operating conditions, like high temperatures and vibrations. They are also able to tolerate these harsh conditions for longer periods without tears, rips, or any structural failures. Hence, they provide exceptional engine protection to various types of heavy-duty trucks. These Donaldson filters provide superior filtration efficiency over their service interval and have much higher dirt retention capacity that surpasses OEM filters.

Reducing regular service intervals for a truck is a critical objective for fleet managers. Preventing unscheduled maintenance of trucks is more vital for keeping your vehicle operational. Donaldson offers innovative air filtration solutions that guarantee hassle-free, efficient operation that provides immense value in maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Most Donaldson filtration products also come with an additionally secondary or safety filter. The function of the safety one is to safeguard the engine when the main filter is undergoing servicing or is damaged. Some of the secondary filter media types include flat or pleated cellulose or synthetic, and also spun materials that are treated with specialized additives. The result is high efficiency and reliable filtration for trucks.

Filter Cleaning and Servicing

Considering that filter holding capacity reduces by up to 40% with every cleaning, most heavy-duty ones aren’t meant to be cleaned or reused. Instead, consider getting extended service ones like the Donaldson Endurance models that last up to twice as much as the regular models. Also, the safety filter should be replaced after changing the primary one three times to minimize the potential of contamination.

Donaldson air filtration units deliver high-quality, clean air that your trucks engine needs to run efficiently. Remember always to buy genuine aftermarket parts for European trucks, whether you want Donaldson air filters or any other component like Valeo cooling.