Cycling is not just great exercise, it’s also an economical and efficient method of getting from one place to another. Many people cycle to work, for example, and workplaces in towns and cities often have a place to leave a bike. Furthermore, you can get around the rush-hour traffic when biking, and it can cut journey time considerably.

Cycling is very popular with people of all ages and perhaps nowadays more than it ever has been. With fuel prices high and a world-wide consciousness regards the environment, cycling is seen as a widely accepted pastime and choice for the commute. Whether you choose to ride for fun or do so to get to and from work there is a bike for you, and there are some sophisticated models around that cover all the different terrain and uses.

Whereas men’s cycling gear has been around for a long time, it’s only in recent years that women could buy dedicated cycling clothing. We’re going to be looking at women’s cycling shorts in this short article, but first let’s have a look at something that is very important for everyone riding a bike – safety.

Safety While Cycling

Not that long ago it was commonplace to simply jump on a bike and go, no matter what you were wearing. Nowadays, it is common sense to wear safety gear, and other dedicated cycling gear, and especially a helmet. Falling from a bike can involve hitting your head on a hard surface. This can result in serious injury.

It’s not worth the risk, so buy a helmet. Also, keep your eye on other traffic when on a bike, as it can be dangerous out there on the road. Cycling shorts, and other specialised gear, are designed to be comfortable and practical, so they also play a part in safe cycling. Let’s talk about women’s cycling shorts, and how to choose the right pair.

Choose for Comfort

The primary aim of cycling gear is that you are comfortable on the bike. This is why the shorts for women and for men are fundamentally different. Women are very different to men in the area most affected when sitting on a bike saddle – that is in the pelvic area. It may sound like an obvious statement to make, but it was only recently that any real attention was paid to this factor. This, a woman would not be comfortable on a bike wearing men’s style cycling shorts. Let us explain why.

First, it may not be obvious to newcomers that women’s cycling shorts are designed to be worn without underwear. This is for comfort reasons, too. Inside the shorts and placed perfectly for the pelvic area is a chamois pad that lines the shorts. This is different to the similar lining in men’s shorts, as it is not cut out but flat. It features pillowed padding on the woman’s version, but not in the men’s.

This level of attention to detail is just another example of how attention has been lavished on cycling and its associated gear in recent years. This is due not just to the rise in popularity of cycling as a hobby, sport and way of getting about, but also because the shorts worn until relatively recently were simply not comfortable. Now you need to think about the density of the pad you want, and that depends upon how long you spend on the bike and what sort of cycling you engage in.

Choosing for Fit

Not all women are the same shape, size or height. You wouldn’t expect a pair of jeans or a dress to be one size fits all, and the same goes for cycling shorts and other gear. The importance of getting the right fit is not to be overstated, as you may be spending a long time on the bike. If you take part in races, for example, you need perfection in terms of fit so that you can concentrate on riding. The same applies if you cycle to work, where your concentration is needed to help with the traffic around you.

This is also why you need to be careful when choosing your cycling shorts. You will, if you look around, find a pair that offers amazing comfort and the best women’s cycling shorts right here at this guide where they have padded options too. It’s worth checking out because it goes into a lot more detail than we have room for here, and also talks about some of the various brands and styles available. Choosing cycling shorts is not the same as choosing, for example, a pair of trousers as the shorts will be worn in an extremely active situation, and the level of endurance they are required to be put to is far greater than with everyday wear.

Further Tips for Choosing Cycling Shorts

As we’ve made clear the importance of fit and comfort – and also the great importance of choosing shorts with the right level of padding – let’s just briefly cover a few further considerations. Perhaps most important of all is that there are different types of shorts: the very tight, snug-fitting lycra shorts are designed to hug the contours of the hips and fit closely around the waist. These are for competition use and similar, but are also worn by women who commute by bike as they can be very comfortable.

If you want a more casual look, there are women’s cycling shorts designed to be looser in fit – but still with the comfort of the pad – and that offer an urban-style look that is very popular with commuters. This style of women’s cycling shorts is in trend right now, so if you want the biking look it might be the way to go.

Always go for comfort over looks when choosing women’s biking shorts as there is a lot to be said for feeling comfortable and at one with the bike when in the saddle. We hope we’ve helped you find the right shorts, so happy cycling!




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