A relatively modern concept, electric bikes are one of the savviest and elegant ways to travel. Not only do they add a prominent pizzazz to your lifestyle, but there are plenty of realistic and valuable benefits tied to them.

If you are not familiar, an electric-bike, or an e-bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor and a battery that assists the cyclist in propulsion. Unlike regular bikes, e-bikes do not have to be strongly paddled to move forward, it moves around with the help of a motor and makes your ride pretty smooth.

In this article, we are going to disclose five noteworthy facts that might convince you how an electric bike is not just an overhyped product but an innovative advancement that can change the way you live.

Let’s get on with it.

1. Limitless Travel

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It is not an overstatement, but a fact. Unlike cars or motorcycles, e-bikes have fewer limitations of traveling. You can only go so far on an ordinary bicycle and your legs would tell you to stop. On the other hand, e-bike do not require any fuel or hard pedaling, so you can ride for longer and travel to great distances.

Indeed, the electric motor on an e-bike runs on a battery, but that battery usually has a life of not less than 3 to 4 years. It means you get a lot of time to travel around without any additional expenses.

In other words, if you are planning a journey to mountainous roads or a trip to a nearby lake and want to save some money at the same time, an e-bike wouldn’t require you to make any extra effort and will get you there safe and time. Since the motor is integrated with pedals that pushes it forward, you can even take the e-bike on steep mountains for a cathartic experience.

A tip: When in doubt with your e-bike’s battery, buy a spare one from E Movement.

2. Beating the Traffic

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Getting somewhere on time is, undoubtedly, very challenging if you are living in a busy city. In most cases, people who get late to their work complain about traffic—roads are bound to get busy in commercial centers of the city.

However, suppose you have an electric bike. In that case, you will wake up in the morning, take your e-bike, and start riding it without any stress on your legs because of pedaling. You will beat all the traffic because your bike was sleek enough to adjust its way. You didn’t waste any fuel because your car didn’t have to wait for 20 minutes for the roads to get clear. You will get to work on time, without any physical or mental stress.

Isn’t that a life-changing deal?

3. A Confidence Boost

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E-bikes are widely known to boost confidence in people. A lot of people don’t go regular cycling—or think they are capable of—because of the effort their legs would have to make. However, when they notice e-bikes, their perceptions change. They get to believe that cycling can be done without any strain. It encourages people to get out there and give their best on the track, and also boosts their mental health, providing them the confidence to create innovative ways to accomplish their goals.

Don’t believe it? Ask Kara Beal. A 21-year-old critical nurse told BBC that trying an e-bike for the first time gave her a sense of encouragement and provided her confidence to do bigger things, something she didn’t believe before. When she learned that riding an e-bike can create new opportunities for her, she made it her full-time hobby, perfected it, and then went to amazing places. Not only did she get immense popularity on social media for profound biking skills, she also rode all the way up to Snowdonia and entered an e-bike race, all by herself.

In Kara Beal’s own words on BBC, “I would never have done it without an e-bike.”
If you are a woman, this is your moment of inspiration, get your ladies electric bike now.

4. Physical Transformation

It Is known that cycling is a great way to lose weight, build shape, and overall transform your body. However, ordinary cycling seems “too much” for some people who are encouraged to lose weight but do not have time or energy for a proper cycling routine. In such cases, e-bikes are there to perform their magic on your body.

Since e-bikes do not require you to make the same effort that you are supposed to do on an ordinary bicycle, they prove to be a much better factor of motivation. You just have to ride it with occasional pedaling.

Moreover, because e-bikes allow you to travel for much longer without getting tired and sweating, they burn equal calories and fat that you burn on an ordinary bike, or possibly even more if you ride to a greater distance.

5. Environmental Benefits

Switching to e-bikes from heavy cars would not only save your time and money but also the environment around you. According to a study, if an average person cuts back 8,000 kilometers of driving every year, they can reduce their carbon footprint from the earth by 15%.

If we take the example of any eco-friendly place, such as Sweden or Amsterdam, we will notice how people have cut back on fuel and started using bicycles and e-bikes for traveling. In fact, the sales of e-bikes were recorded mostly in the cities where the environment has been stable for years. It is safe to say that they saw an opportunity to make the earth a better place, and they took it.

This is high time that each of us plays our part in the preservation of the environment and use harmless and easier ways to travel.


Apart from being absolutely fun and comfortable to ride, e-bike is amazingly beneficial for your lifestyle, health, physique, and the environment around you.

Moreover, e-bikes are also an easy way to go to new places and increase your social circle. Foldable e-bikes would not even take much of your space. All in all, what’s not to like?