Motorcycling is one of the most thrilling activities to engage in, but it’s also among the riskiest road activities. When on the road, motorcycles are smaller in size compared to vehicles, which makes them harder to see, particularly during the day, and they move very fast. To ride a motorcycle, a person requires different skills than those that are required to drive a car. Even so, both motorcyclists and drivers are guided by the same laws.

One of the ways to stay safe on the road, motorcyclists need to be educated on how motorcycles work. They also need to observe traffic laws and apply basic common sense to reduce the number of fatalities that result from motorcycle accidents each year. By ignoring these, motorcyclists are likely to get involved in fatal crashes, leaving them dead or seriously injured.

So, how can motorcyclists maintain safety on the road? Below are eight health and safety tips for motorcycling:

1. Take A Motorcycle Riding Class


If you want to engage in motorcycling, the first thing you need to do so you’ll be safe on the road is to enroll in a motorcycling class. Doing so will enable you to acquire the basic riding skills that you need to ride safely and even practice those skills before you begin to ride your own motorcycle. You also get a motorcycle license once you complete your motorcycle riding class. This will enable you to ride a motorcycle on public roads without the fear of breaking the law.

Once you’re done taking a motorcycle riding class, invest time in putting the knowledge into practice. A great place to practice motorcycle riding is in quiet neighborhoods where there’s minimum heavy traffic. As you continue practicing, you’ll become more comfortable handling a motorcycle. To gain additional skills, consider practicing your riding skills in varying weather conditions.

2. Maintain A Safe Distance

When riding on a highway, ensure you won’t tailgate other vehicles. Rather, make sure that you maintain a two-seconds distance between your motorcycle and the vehicle in front of you on a sunny day. Increase this distance to between four and eight seconds if you’re riding during inclement weather or at night. This margin is critical in maintaining your safety by allowing you to react to unexpected situations on the road. Even so, if you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you can get legal assistance from

3. Ensure Your Bike Is Fit For The Ride


An important aspect of ensuring you have a safe ride is checking whether your motorcycle is in good condition before getting on the road. To do this, check whether your tires have any bulges or cracks. Also, look for signs of wear like low pressure or leaks that can blowout. Look beneath the motorcycle to see whether there are signs of gas or oil leaks. Test your lights as well–check whether the tail-lights, headlights, and signals are functioning well. Lastly, on a weekly basis, get your coolant and hydraulic fluids checked.

Furthermore, mount your motorcycle and check the throttle and clutch to ensure they’re working properly. Adjust your mirrors and clean them to get a sharp view of the rear. Test your brakes and the horn, too, by ensuring that they’re firm and working as they should.

The best way to keep your motorbike in good shape is to have it maintained regularly. This will ensure that controls, suspensions, and chains are adjusted properly and oil changes are conducted. If your motorcycle has any broken parts or loose bolts, get them fixed before hitting the road.

4. Be Alert As You Ride A Motorcycle

There are many people who use the road at any given time. To remain safe as you ride your motorcycle, your mind should be alert.

Once you get on the road, constantly scan your environment and take note of any changes. Pay close attention to your surrounding vehicles. At the same time, look out for pedestrians that might be crossing the road as well as animals that might jump on the road.

Being alert will enable you to notice any changes that occur on the road, which allows you to react appropriately, helping you remain safe as you ride your motorcycle.

5. Dress In Protective Riding Gear


One of the most important things that motorcyclists can do to stay safe on the road is to dress in appropriate riding gear every time they go riding.

Ensure that you wear a helmet along with protective eyewear or face shield to protect your head from injuries in the event of an accident. Failure to wear a helmet predisposes you to a fatal head injury if a crash occurs.

Also, consider having leather clothing, gloves, and boots that are fitted with nonskid soles to keep your body from sustaining severe injuries if an accident occurs.

6. Don’t Over Speed

When riding a motorcycle on the road, you can stay safe by maintaining a safe speed. For instance, if you’re riding on a slippery road, reduce your speed and exercise caution. If you’re riding during the winter, when it’s rainy, or foggy, reduce your speed so you have more time to react to any situation. Do the same whenever you’re riding on curvy forested or mountainous terrain where sightlines are shorter. This will keep you safer as you’ll be prepared for any surprises.

7. Avoid Drunk Or Drowsy Riding


Just like when driving a vehicle, it’s not advisable to ride a motorcycle when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs or when you’re feeling drowsy. This is because these things affect your ability to make good judgment and your reaction time when you’re on the road. This makes you extremely prone to accidents and increases your chances of causing a crash.

8. Ensure You’re Visible While On The Road

Since motorcycles are not as big as vehicles, and they move at high speeds, it’s critical to ensure that you’re visible to other motorists anytime you get on the road.

The best way to do this is to wear reflective material on your clothing or ensure that you’re dressed in brightly colored clothes. Also, you can enhance your visibility on the road by positioning yourself on a lane where other motorists can easily spot you.

Final Thoughts

Your health and safety are of utmost importance anytime you hop on your motorcycle and begin to ride it. The best way to reduce the risk of getting involved in fatal accidents as you ride your motorcycle is to follow the health and safety tips discussed above.