So, you have managed to not only meet biker babes, but one also wants to be with you and ride with you. What could be better than having a motorcycle loving girl who is willing to explore some new routes with you? Hitting the road with your partner is one of the best feelings, especially if you get to explore some new and wild destinations.

The only thing left is to decide where your new adventure is going to take place. And just to help you, here are some of the best, most romantic places to take your bikes and have a fantastic time riding and exploring new destinations, according to .

1. Ceuta to Marrakesh Loop, Morocco

An exotic route your girl is bound to love. If you met your girl via a biker dating site, you might have had the opportunity to find out in advance what her favorite type of route is, and if she is adventurous this is definitely the one you should explore. This 1,600-mile route takes you through the realm of ancient kasbahs, souks, and mysterious desert cultures. You will touch the ground at Ceuta, after a ferry ride.

The first part of your journey will take you through the Rif Mountains all the way to Fez. Next on the list are the famous Atlas Mountains and finally, you will reach the Sahara at Erfoud. And if this wasn’t enough, there is a whole other part of the journey for you to explore. It will be both fun and a bit challenging to snake through the Todra Gorge. Then you get to run down the Tizi n’Test Pass all the way to the Atlantic coast and the city of Agadir. Finally, the last 200 miles of this amazing route will take you all the way to Casablanca.

2. The Great Ocean Road, Australia

Now, as you know, everything is a lot more fun Down Under, and this goes for the biker routes as well. If you and your lady prefer hot weather, fantastic ocean views, and some great beachside rest stops, this is the perfect route for you. Significantly shorter than the previous one, with only 180 miles of road, this particular road has something else to offer.

While riding from Melbourne to Peterborough, you will get to enjoy beautiful landscapes filled with shoreline rainforests that unfurl along the rugged Shipwreck Coast. It would be a great option to bring some camping gear with you and make it a longer trip by spending the night on a beach while enjoying the sunset over the ocean.

3. California, Los Angeles to San Francisco

The long way round, with the whooping 3,500 miles of road in front of you and your girl. If you want to date biker babes, you should definitely be ready to take on this type of challenge. This particular route includes numerous famous national parks along the American West. Take Route 66 from LA to Arizona, passing the Grand Canyon and the breathtaking Monument Valley, then head north through several more national parks until you can truly let loose and ride free across the Mojave Desert to Death Valley.

You follow this part by skirting the Sierra Nevada and reaching Yosemite National Park. Just imagine all the wonders you’ll get to see and enjoy and all the memories you will make. This grand route can be the perfect road trip for you and your girl. And when it comes to rest options, there are more than enough spots along this grand route that would be perfect for a couple.

These are just some of the options for you and your girl, with many, many more awaiting you. There is nothing better for a biker than getting to share the road with a girl who loves riding just as much as he does.


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