Mobile apps make motorcycle trips safer and more interesting. They can act as a navigator, warn about traffic situations, give valuable knowledge about technical elements and solve a lot of problems. Such features are useful to any motorcyclist. You just need to keep safety in mind and use your smartphone with caution. Some apps for motorcyclists can keep track of this as well. In addition, there are many bike racing games that can entertain the biker on the road. A list of the best games you can find on androidappsforme.

Below we will also look at the best representatives.

A selection of useful apps for motorcyclists

Many apps have similar functionality. Therefore, there is no point in downloading all the popular ones at once. It is enough to limit yourself to the recommended list of the most elaborate and convenient solutions.

1. Riser

The application is an advanced navigator with social functions. The intelligent algorithm of Riser automatically selects the best route for the trip anywhere in the world. And users can chat, share memorable moments, and group together.



  1. Advanced route mapping in any country.
  2. Social opportunities with the exchange of routes.

The developers have managed to combine in the application the most important functions for motorcyclists. Therefore, it is very popular.

2. Brapper

One of the best apps for motorcyclists designed for fans of shared rides and is a kind of diary. In Brapper, you can gather your group or join an open group and go on a holiday. All rides will be saved along with pleasant impressions. And on the app’s maps, you can think of a route or find important points.



  1. Gathering a group to ride the route together;
  2. Elaborate map with a marking of service stations, dealers, and stores.

Brapper has a built-in news feed. It provides users with the latest news from the world of motorcycling.

3. MyRide – Motorcycle Routes

The Motorcycle Routes app from Yamaha allows you to track a multitude of parameters. The main screen shows real-time speed, acceleration, altitude, incline, and other information. Completed races are logged. And social functions allow you to share your latest route with friends.



  1. Display of detailed activity parameters.
  2. Social functionality for communicating with motorcyclists.

Location tracking in MyRide also serves an additional function. Other users can see popular routes and repeat someone else’s ride.

Best games about bikers

Today there are quite a lot of good games of various genres. Moreover, biker games are released both on PCs and stationary consoles, as well as on various portable gaming devices and smartphones. Next, we will talk about the best games for a variety of platforms, in which a lot of attention is paid to the biker theme.

1. Full Throttle

Brilliant quest from the famous video game developer Tim Schaefer. Released in 1995 for PC, it was later updated and ported to PlayStation 4. The game is original and interesting in terms of story, contains a lot of humor, and unexpected plot twists. The locations are diverse and colorful, the gameplay is built around solving all kinds of puzzles typical of the quest genre. That is based on finding items, combining them, and using them on different objects of one location or another.

The action of Full Throttle takes place in the nearest future, and the main character is a cool biker with a lot of life experience. One day the hero, who is not just a biker, but also the president of a biker club, meets a strange guy in a roadside bar, who introduced himself as the director of a motorcycle production company. From that moment the strange adventures of the protagonist, full of curiosities and dangers, begin.

2. Days Gone

The high-tech single-player game of 2019, which has become one of the main exclusives for the PlayStation 4 console. In terms of gameplay mechanics, it’s a mix of a survival simulator in a post-apocalyptic world and a third-person action game. The world in Days Gone is huge and open, so it is convenient and interesting to explore not only on foot but also on a powerful bike, which is available to the main character – a former member of a respected biker club.

The setting of the game is very original – it combines post-apocalypse with zombies and the theme of careless riders, that is bikers. The theme of eternal movement towards discoveries, love to freedom and bikes, friendship and loyalty problems – all this is harmoniously blended into the story and game action of Days Gone. We also want to mention the incredibly beautiful setting of the open world of Days Gone. In this sense, Survival is one of the most beautiful games on PlayStation 4.

3. Grand Theft Auto V

The famous open-world action game is dedicated to gunfights, robberies, street shoot-outs, carjacking, and other criminal entertainment. The game has a truly huge open world in the form of a fictional city with the surrounding countryside, as well as a huge selection of a variety of land, air, and water vehicles, including motorcycles. It is also worth mentioning that GTA 5 has not only a single-player mode with a great story but also a full session multiplayer.

It has an important segment of gameplay directly related to bikers. The player can register his character as president of the motorcycle club, buy a clubhouse, recruit associates, choose the appropriate club symbols and go to several special “biker” missions. You can improve your club in different ways, form a whole network of different illegal businesses, get into trouble with the competition and promote your comrades in the club ranks.

4. Road Redemption

A famous racing game for PC, combining a motorcycle riding simulation element with brutal action. The heroes of the game are motorcycle bandits, who fight with each other and other random road users right on the ride. To do this, they use not only fists and feet, but also various chains, bats, brass knuckles, and even automatic weapons. There are a lot of weapons, as well as all kinds of modes and maps.

The main modes are a single-player campaign with a story that explains all the chaos on the screen and multiplayer mode, where there is the split-screen local mode. The Road Redemption game is very beautiful and dynamic, full of special effects and unpredictable events that happen from time to time on the road. The gameplay is also very entertaining, although it is not entirely new and innovative – the game is a relaunch of the famous Road Rash series, also dedicated to road battles.