Sure, men like women who make the first move, and lots of girls out there don’t shy away from making their feelings known, but sometimes a girl just wants to be hit on the old-fashioned way. Dating bikers for the sake of dating someone traditionally masculine appeals to women who like their men to be men.

Whether you’ve met your biker on a biker dating service or you know him from the offline world, your next move is pretty much the same – you need to get his attention and keep it ASAP before someone else snatches him up, as referred by

#1: Make Sure Other Men Like You

This isn’t to say you should be too provocative, but if you want a biker to notice you, men in general better find you attractive. These men don’t necessarily have to be total strangers who’ve never seen you before.

They can be your friends, acquaintances, or co-workers as long as the general opinion of you is that they’d date you. A biker wants his girl to be desirable, provided she only has eyes for him. To make sure other men like you, be nice and friendly when talking to them, speak your mind, and pretty much always be dressed up (more on this below).

#2: Do Your Hair

No ponytail or a loose bun will do. Style your hair when you know you’ll be running into your biker. Wear it however you want as long as it’s down, shiny, and healthy-looking. Your hair is one of the most important things about you, and you better use it to your advantage.

Not every day is good hair day, but get the most out of your mane if you want him to keep thinking about you long after you’re gone. Don’t experiment too much, stick to what looks best. Bikers want to believe in this thing called natural beauty so you definitely shouldn’t look high maintenance. Keep the mere fact you spent two hours getting ready before seeing him to yourself.

#3: Speak Your Mind

A quiet girl sitting in the corner has never caught a biker’s eye, no matter how pretty she was. Bikers want a girl they can talk to, who’ll challenge their opinions, and who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. If you want to date a biker, make sure your thoughts and beliefs are well organized in your mind so you can present them with ease and confidence.

Someone might say that bikers aren’t realistic and want it all, a girl who is both smart and pretty, or in other words, perfect. Obviously, nobody is perfect and nobody in their right mind can expect perfection from another person. What they can expect is a girl who takes good care of her spirit and soul while also maintaining a nice exterior.

#4: Show Off Your Driving Skills

You might not be a biker chick yourself, but you better be a petrolhead at least to some extent. Bikers, and most men in general, find women in control simply irresistible, and there is no better position of control than behind a wheel. If you can work a stick, he pretty much stands no chance.

You’ll get his undivided attention, and from then on, it’s just a matter of how much you really want him. You’ll be able to toy with him or wear your heart on your sleeve if you wish. The choice is yours since the ball will be in your court if you follow our 4 tips on how to get a biker to notice you and only you.