Nowadays, parties are not just limited to a club, bar, or hotel. There are rental party buses where you can party non-stop with your gang and enjoy the feeling of a road trip. Party bus services are getting very popular lately. A party with family and friends and going on a road trip sounds too fun.

Starting a rental party bus start-up can be profitable if you can get hold of the right customers. Before you start a rental party bus service, you should be aware of various expenses and costs involved with it, especially the cost to turn a bus into a party bus.

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Different expenses to turn a bus into a party bus

The cost to turn a bus into a party bus depends on several factors. These costs usually vary from location to location. You must make a cost-effective plan so you can cut down on extra costs. The total cost of converting a bus into a party bus can cost around $10,000 lowest if you can save some expenses by doing some repairs by yourself and maximum it can take $15,000 – $20,000 for a small to mid-size bus.

1. Labour and Tools cost


Construction labor and tools costs might vary from $1000 – $1500 depending on the repairs and construction company. This also depends on how many laborers are appointed to do the work. You can save some extra cost if you get your bus fixed by someone you know.

The cost can increase depending on how much repairs your bus requires until it’s ready for the party. You might have to spend more on repairs depending on the bus you have. If you are good with tools, you can repair the bus for yourself. Arrange the tools you need for repairs and get your bus ready for the party.

2. Hardware Store cost


Hardware costs may vary from $2000 – $3000. You might have to visit your hardware store more often to get the hardware including lumbers and woods, solar panel mounting beams, rooftop deck, screws, nails, bracelets. Don’t compromise on quality equipment if you are looking to continue the party bus business for a long time.

Once you repair outside the bus, now it’s time to buy hardware to renovate and design inside the bus to make it ready for the party. Paint the interiors of your bus with good quality paint that will last longer.

Set up the electrical system and water pipelines for water set-up,
change the tires and brakes if they need a replacement, ensure enough ventilation on your party bus, and make a blueprint of your bus and plan accordingly. Buying all the stuff can be a little expensive, so get ready to spend some money.`

3. Set-up cost


Total set-up cost can vary from $4000 – $6000. Once you are done designing and renovating the interiors, it’s time to buy stuff to set up your party bus. You need kinds of stuff like sink basins, water tanks, couches, cushions, batteries, inverters, solar panels, and much more. Make a list of all the items, and you can order everything from an online website that sells all these kinds of stuff like Amazon.

Go to the furniture store, and choose the furniture that you require inside your bus including chairs, tables, cabinets, etc. Electronic devices like a microwave oven to keep the food warm, mini-refrigerators to keep your drinks chilled, and other electronic devices.
Don’t forget to make a separate section for the washroom and toilet. You can buy a Nature’s Head composting toilet from Amazon for your washroom. Get a music system and speakers for non-stop music on the roads.

Buy spare products like tires, batteries, and inverters if in case something stops working or starts malfunctioning in the middle of your bus party. Hire carpenters, plumbers, and electricians to fix everything in its place.

4. Decorative and organizing costs


Decorative costs can vary between $1500 – $2500. Decorative and organizing cost is the finishing touches to turn a bus into a party bus. You can get the best quality interior stuff from online websites that sell decorative party things for your party bus. Decorate your bus and equip it with every stuff that you need for long parties.

Make a list of the decorative stuff to decorate the bus and to give it a party theme. For this, you will need multi-color decorative lights, tubs, bins, wallpapers, curtains, fabrics, cushions and sofa covers, etc. Don’t forget to add all the items and make the bus look decorative.

These are the major expenses that you have to incur to turn a bus into a party bus. These expenses are ideal for small to medium-sized busses. You can sell some stuff for scrap like the seats, and other metallic stuff so that you can save some money.

Wrapping Up

These expenses were for a single bus of small to medium-sized. Large buses can cost even more. If you are thinking of starting a party bus start-up, then you must make plans to arrange for more capital to invest in your start-up because no doubt you will require more than one bus to start your business.

You must set up your busses to satisfy all your customer’s needs. Some might require a luxurious party bus. Hence you have to spend more on that bus, and of course, you can charge them more for your services.

Also, you must have busses to satisfy customers who have a little less budget. Have different sizes of busses depending on the number of people joining the party. Make a proper structural plan and set up your rental charges accordingly.