Streets are designed to be shared between different groups of people including car drivers, bicyclists, pedestrians and the like. Most of these streets have car drivers who have to pay special attention to cyclists. Cycling is a great sport activity, but also a great hobby. It is an activity that helps us improve the functions of the muscles of the legs, helps to improve immunity, helps improve sleep, improves mental state and blood circulation in the body. Cyclists are the ones who have the best built muscles not only on the legs but also on the whole body because the whole body is activated when riding a bicycle. Cyclists often go on tours, often ride through the city or on marked trails for them. But when there are no paths, they simply have to share the streets with car drivers and that is why they have to be careful.

It is an accepted fact that drivers and cyclists have to learn to coexist on the roads. Cyclists and drivers alike need to be respected – all that is required is patience and understanding; from both parties. No one group has any more claims over the roadways than the other. We all need to find a way to share the roads to avoid unnecessary conflicts and accidents. Below are five simple safety tips that drivers can use to share the road safely with cyclists:

1. Be Careful When Turning


When you are in traffic you have to keep an eye on literally everything. The vision should be wide open, the concentration should be at a high level so that every event is consciously welcomed and reacted appropriately. Particular care should be taken when sharing the road with cyclists as they often do not have a section of the road for themselves so they are forced to ride on the road with you. Cyclists ride on the right-hand side of the road, so you should avoid quick turns that may cause a collision with an unsuspecting rider. Always slow down before making a turn if there are cyclists around, and make sure to check your mirrors and blind spots before turning. If you’re turning your car at the next red light, allow any cyclists to pass you before you start making your turn to protect them and their cycling gear.

2. Don’t Use Bike Lanes


Often the city authorities decide on a practical solution that works for those who ride bicycles, but also for those who are with their cars. They divide part of the street with lines so that those who are on a bike can ride without any problems. Often they forget to divide these spaces with pillars, so often drivers make a mistake and drive on this part of the street or stop, which only makes it difficult for the bikers to transport. When you’re driving or parking, remember to always stay out of their lanes. Bike lanes are there to protect cyclists, not to make the lives of car drivers easier. These lanes are dedicated lanes for cyclists and cyclists only, so don’t be a selfish driver. Many avoidable car accidents occur each year because of drivers who aren’t thinking when they’re on the road, if you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault you can consult a law office, like SJG Attorneys, for assistance with a claim.

3. Pass Slowly


Often when each of us rides we can escape somewhere with thoughts and forget about some basic things. One of the basics is that when you break up with a biker you need to be diligent so as not to scare him. Accelerated vehicles can frighten them, cause them to have trouble keeping their balance, or in the worst case, push them off the road and fall somewhere. So be responsible drivers and react accordingly. When passing cyclists, particularly ones in larger groups, make sure to do so at a reasonable speed. Too many cyclist injuries and deaths are caused by speeding drivers racing past and unintentionally hitting cyclists. Make sure to slow down when passing cyclists, and always give them ample space to cycle next to you. If the worst happens and you do knock over a cyclist, the damage will be far less than it would be had you been traveling at higher speeds.

4. Give Them Space


The best solution for the roads that share the vehicles with the bikers is to maintain an appropriate distance. Because this distance would be difficult to maintain if there was no rule, laws around the world began to regulate this rule by law because that would make all drivers feel an obligation they must make to be conscientious participants in traffic. Many states have laws around the space that drivers need to give cyclists; the general rule of thumb is to allow for three feet of space between your car and the nearest cyclist. This is the decent thing to do and, as previously stated, is the law in some places. This is the easiest way to avoid trouble on the roads with cyclists and can prevent accidents.

5. Don’t Assume They’ve Seen You


Many drivers assume that cyclists are always cognizant of the number of cars that are driving around them. This is not always the case so never assume that a cyclist has seen you driving near them. Sometimes cyclists are more focused on achieving their fitness goals and other hazards on the road that they might not even notice your car until it is too late. Do the right thing and allow them ample space to cycle ahead or next to your car.

We all want our trips to be safe and incident-free, sometimes all it takes is for drivers and cyclists to work together to ensure the safety of everyone on the roads. With respect and common decency, we can all use the roads without accidents or injuries. So let us all be responsible to each other no matter what group we belong to in order to be above all safe in traffic and for everyone to reach their final destination carefree.


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