Coleman is one of those brands that bring a large number of automotive vehicles, including ATV, Dirt bikes, Go Kart, mini bikes, scooters, and UTV.

Among such a broad range, Coleman mini bikes seem to be making a good impression in most situations.

According to DirtSound, While purchasing a Coleman mini bike, you may get a bewildering experience regarding the price as different sites tend to offer different price ranges.

In general, the price range for a Coleman mini bike will be anywhere between $400 dollars to as much as $850 dollars.

In this particular article, we will be giving you some hints regarding the expected price range you may notice while purchasing a Coleman mini bike.

What are the Coleman mini bike lineups?


As far as now, Coleman offers eight different mini bikes. All these bikes are available within an engine size of 100cc to 200cc. Here are the eight mini bikes offered by Coleman:

  • BT200X
  • CC100X
  • CT100U
  • CT200U
  • CT200U-A
  • CT200U-EX
  • RB100
  • RB200

How much does a Coleman mini bike cost?

In any way, a Coleman mini bike should not cost more than $850 dollars. The price range for a Coleman mini bike will be around $400 dollars to $850 dollars.

Here is a little chart that will give you a glimpse of the expected price range of all Coleman mini bikes.

Coleman mini bike Model Price range
BT200X $500-$650 dollars
CC100X $400-$450 dollars
CT100U $499-$550 dollars
CT200U $499-$799 dollars
CT200U-A $499-$600 dollars
CT200U-EX $699-$800 dollars
RB100 $429-$500 dollars
RB200 $798-$850 dollars


As you can see that the price range for a Coleman mini bike hardly exceeds $850 dollars. The MSRP for these mini bikes will stay in the middle.

Why does the price range of Coleman mini bikes vary?


One of the main reasons Coleman mini bikes are available at a variety of price range is that the manufacturer tends to sell their automotive vehicles through different retailers. Therefore, the retailers change the price according to the availability of the product.

Another reason why Coleman mini bikes are available at a variety of price ranges is that Coleman does not seem to stock their products on the website for a long time. Even if they do, the items tend to go stock out within a short time. Therefore, the prices of the mini bikes tend to fluctuate every now and then.

Should you buy a used Coleman mini bike?

Even as new, Coleman minibikes are not that costly. But there may appear some moment when you will go for purchasing a second-hand Coleman mini bike. But if you are asking whether you should purchase a used Coleman mini bike or not, here are some of the important aspects to keep in mind-

  • Purchasing a used Coleman mini bike will be a great way to save some of your bucks.
  • Know the seller and the purpose why he is selling the bike.
  • Double-check all the properties of the bike so that you do not have to regret the decision you have made.
  • Test drive the minibike before you bring it home.
  • Bargain a little so that you can be happy with your purchase.

How much does a used Coleman mini bike cost?


The price of a used Coleman mini bike depends on the condition of the bike.

A rider may want to sell his Coleman mini bike after three months of usage, whereas another rider may go for the sell after one year of usage. The price of the latter bike will surely be lesser than that of the first of one.

In general, the price of a used Coleman mini bike will be anywhere between $350 dollars to as high as $600 dollars, depending on the model and condition of the bike.

Analyses of other brand mini bikes’ price range

Some of the most popular mini bike manufacturers that might intrigue you are:

Minibike brand Price range
Razor electric mini dirt bike $299-$899 dollars
SYX Moto $399-$650 dollars
Mega Moto Within $650 dollars
Massimo $450-$1000 dollars
XtremePowerUS $199-$450 dollars


Razor electric minibikes are available both at a cheaper and high-end price range. It is possible to get a Razor electric mini dirt bike within a price range of $299 dollars to as high as $899 dollars.

SYX Moto mini bikes are quite affordable in terms of the price range. You will be able to purchase an SYX Moto mini bike within a price range of $399 dollars to $650 dollars.

Mega Moto mini bikes are available within a price range of $650 dollars.

Massimo mini bikes tend to be expensive compared to other equivalent brands. The price of a Massimo mini bike can be as high as $1000 dollars.

Finally, XtremePowerUS mini bikes are super affordable and available at a price of $199 dollars to as high as $450 dollars.

Are Coleman mini bikes good for the money?

There is no doubt about the fact that Coleman Minibikes are available at a wide variety of ranges. But when it comes to comparing these bikes with equivalent items, the price range may seem a little higher. That is when most people tend to ask whether it is worth spending on a Coleman mini bike or not.

Yes, Coleman mini bikes are good for the money. The reason we are saying so is that Coleman offers variety, whereas most other brands hardly could achieve that feat.
Besides, Coleman mini bikes tend to last a long time compared to other equivalent items. Any Coleman mini bikes should last for more than one year without giving you more trouble.

Doing some minor upgrades after one year should enable you to use the item even longer.

Final summary

  • Coleman mini bikes may not look budget-friendly, but they are super reliable.
  • Coleman mini bikes will remain in the mid-price category bikes when you will compare the category with other equivalent brands.
  • It is always worth spending your budget on Coleman min bikes.
  • Think twice before you go purchasing a used minibike.
  • The price hardly dictates the quality of your minibike.