Many people prefer motorcycles over cars. Bikes are more accessible, and you can take them to challenge terrains as well. Motorbikes are more comfortable to manage than cars and are more fuel-efficient also. Because of such reasons, people who like to travel alone or with max a pillion tend to choose bikes over four-wheelers. But with all these blessings, there are a few cons related to bikes. Because it is easier to handle a motorbike, they are more prone to theft. It is easier for a burglar to take away a motorcycle. Therefore, with the advancement in technology, we are witnessing the age where GPS is a norm. GPS not only tells you the correct directions to reach a location but can also help locate stolen items.

Another specialty of GPS is that it can help you to track someone’s social media like Facebook. Visit, where you can view the best tracking mobile apps; through these apps, you can keep an eye on your young one’s Facebook account to remain safe from any potential threat.

Speaking of GPS (Global Positioning System), it is quite essential in case of theft as you can keep track of your stolen motorcycle. There are various motorcycle GPS trackers available, but here is a list of the most preferred.

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker


Featuring on top of the list is the most efficient GPS tracker in the market. Spy Tec has a barrage of features that make it quite useful for you. You can place this tracker on your bike anywhere, and because of its small size, nobody will be able to point it out. This tracker will send you notifications from every possible location. Google maps power it, so you can view the entire tracking map of the vehicle. Place it in your car and give access to your near ones, you will feel secure due to its accurate features. You can easily carry it in your bag as the product is very compact.

2. AMERICALOC Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker


It is a state of the art tracking device, AMERICALOC developed a portable GPS tracker placed in any location. Just like the previous option, this device will show you the accurate location based on GPS. Its small size makes it easy to carry and noticeable. After placing it on your bike, you can connect it to your mobile device or laptop. The tracker will portray the real-time maps of the location. You will be amazed by the accuracy and accessibility of the tracker. The most outstanding feature of this GPS tracker is that you can charge it instantly and will fit in any of your bags.

3. LandAir Sea 54


This new tracking device is more useful for people who want to make sure their bike does not get stolen. It comes with a magnet mount through which you can attach it to your motorcycle. As the device is compact, nobody will be able to notice it. You can keep it in your bike’s storage area or connect it to a metal part with a magnet.

You can connect this tracker with your phone through Google maps and get its whereabouts’ live locations. Don’t worry about its safety, as it is entirely waterproof. You will have to pay a monthly fee for this device.



If you are a traveler and like to cruise with your bike to far-flung places, then this GPS tracker would be ideal for you. This device boasts a more extended battery than its counterparts. Mount it on your bike and install the brand’s mobile application on your smartphone. You will witness cutting edge GPS services as it will tell you exact directions.

You can keep a record of your closed ones by placing this device in their bag or vehicle. Your kids are also safer now, as this gadget will let you know about their endeavors. It will also notify you with accurate and live notifications.

5. Trak – 4


If you are looking for a 1no hassle and easy to use GPS tracking device, then Trak – 4 is the perfect choice for you. This tracker will be ready to function as soon as you take it out of the box. You will receive a SIM card with the kit, and you will not have to activate it before use. Connect it to your mobile device or laptop, and you are good to go.

The most significant feature of this GPS tracker is that you can use it for almost one and a half years after one charge. If you wish to cancel the subscription, you can do that without any extra charge.

6. TK – Star


It is another device that comes with a magnetic mounting system. This GPS tracker has a lot of salient features. You can carry it with ease as it is light and portable. The device will give different tones for various notifications. The battery of this tracker is good enough and will last upto three months in a single recharge. Attack it on your bike and forget about it.

You can connect it to your mobile and laptop through its application. The only drawback with TK – Star is that you will have to purchase the SIM card separately. Besides that, the gadget is easy to use and immensely useful.

7. GoTele


If you are traveling to a secluded area with your bike, then this tracker is apt for you. This gadget does not need wifi signals to operate. You can use it without a SIM card or even without any subscription fee. It comes with two separate pieces that work together. You will notice that the device is waterproof, making it perfect for adventurous travels.

In conclusion, using GPS tracking devices is quite useful for bikers. You are warding off the threat of theft, and in case the bike gets stolen, you have the backup. Choose amongst the best options mentioned above.


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