The use of motorcycles for transport has gained popularity in various parts of the world. This is because bikes are cheap in terms of fuel consumption, fast, and can be ridden even in remote areas. Despite these benefits, motorcycle riders are exposed to accidents and health hazards, such as cold wind.

Therefore, when riding a motorcycle, it is advisable to put on protective gear, such as helmets and hand guards. This is to ensure the safety of the rider.Some safety equipment can be found on

Benefits of Motorcycle Hand Guards
  • They protect the rider’s hands against debris and fend-off rocks when riding at highway speed.
  • Hand guards protect your hands against passing bush when riding in bushy areas
  • They keep the grips free of mud in muddy areas
  • If they are strong enough, they help in keeping away muffs that can adversely affect the brake and clutch levers
  • Hand guards also act as a protection against wind and snow that affect the rider’s health negatively
  • Thick and robust hand guards minimize the risk of injury in case of a crash or tip-over. Hand guards with metal reinforcement are the best in protecting the rider in case they hit a solid object.

Types of Handguards

There are two major types of these accessories that available in the market: 

  • Wrap-around Hand guards (Closed) – they are commonly used by bikers who ride in areas where there are trees and bushes. They protect you from being injured by the shrubs and trees. Additionally, they protect the grips and levers in case the bike smashes on a solid object. However, they do not remain in one place during a crash. These ones move up or down a few inches, which could result in injuring the rider.
  • Flag Style Handguards (Open) – these are mostly used by riders in rocky or muddy terrain to protect their hands from small debris, rocks, and mud. They are more comfortable as the rider can freely move their hands on the handlebar. However, they offer less protection as compared to the closed ones. The levers and grips are also susceptible to damage in case of a crash.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

There is a wide variety of hand guards available in the market today. The majority of motorcycle owners do not understand what to consider when purchasing these accessories for their bikes. Choosing the right and best ones depends on where the bike is ridden. It also depends on which type of riding the biker enjoys, may it be motocross, off-road, or cold weather. The following is a detailed guideline on how to choose the best equipment that will serve the intended purpose:

Geography and terrain

Besides personal preference, you must also consider your location before purchasing the handguards. Riders on bushy areas use different ones from the desert riders. Additionally, those who ride in rocky areas should use closed handguards to protect their clutch and brake levers. Open hand guards are preferable in areas where the tracks are muddy.


There are a lot of suppliers in the market today who sell these accessories at varying prices. Just like any other item, it is imperative to set up a budget. It is quite likely that you will find a hand guard whose price favors your budget. With the current technology, it is easy to search and find the perfect one online.


Motorbikes are prone to accidents and crashes. Besides protecting the rider against debris, rocks, and mud, hand guards should also prevent injuries in case of an accident. Strong ones offer this kind of protection and also minimize the risk of damage to the brakes and clutch levers. The most reliable hand guards are those that have metal reinforcement.


Hand guards for motorbikes are essential because they add up to the protection of the rider. Motorcycles are some of the most flexible means of transport since they can be ridden on various terrains and road sizes. However, they are susceptible to accidents and crashes. There are very many varieties of handguards available in the market today. Hence, choosing the best among them is not a simple task. You will be able to select the best that suits your needs by considering the terrain that you are going to ride on, your budget, and the strength of different ones. 


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