Rims are some of the most important parts of a motorcycle. The excellent thing about rims is that you can customize them however you like. From different designs and styles to different shades of color, rims are some of the most customizable parts of the motorcycle.

It’s a fact that bike enthusiasts love to match their style by customizing this part of the bike. Customizing rims is a task even for those who are not as mechanically inclined as others. Pros in the game do a good job of customizing the rims and they will do it however you like it.

But these are the parts of the bike that can be done by yourself.

That’s why we’ve decided to write this article, based on previous experience, and tell you how to paint motorcycle rims by yourself.

A Step By Step Guide to DIY Motorcycle Rims Painting 

The first thing you should know when painting rims is that it cannot be done by leaving them on the bike itself. Which means that the process of painting motorcycle rims starts with…

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  1. Remove the rims from the bike and find a nice and clear area where you will place them. Make sure to place something on the ground such as newspapers, open paper bags, or tarp to prevent making a mess. Take the rims and place them over the supplies we’ve just discussed.
  2. According to, the second step is the most important one as it should be done carefully and thoroughly. Take a paintbrush and apply aircraft stripper to the rims, this is used to remove a wide range of finishes from the metal surface of the rims. Grab a towel or a soft rug and start wiping away the previously applied paint, which will start to loosen up due to the aircraft stripper. 
  3. The next step involves taking another fresh tower and mineral spirits. Apply it on the towel and start wiping the rims to remove any leftover residue.
  4. Mark the areas that you don’t want to spray paint with painters’ tape.
  5. Grab the spray and start applying a thin coat of primer over the desired painting surface. Let it dry and use a WET 1000 grip sandpaper to rub-down the areas which you’ve messed up. Once the primer has dried off, apply yet another coat of primer and use the sandpaper for any imperfections as well. You will have to do this a couple of times before we move on to the next step.
  6. Next up is to spray a coat of colored paint over the surface and use a WET 1500 grip sandpaper to remove the bubbles. Repeat this step for a total of two times.
  7. Now it’s time to spray a clear coat over the rim and let it dry before using a WET 2000 grip sandpaper to remove any bubbles. Repeat this surface a couple until you notice a smooth and shiny surface.
  8. Once the last applied clear coat is all dried up, remove any tape that you’ve previously left to mark the rims and use a soft and clean piece of cloth to wax the entire surface area of the rim.
  9. Replace the rims back on your bike and you’re good to go.