Clément, the legendary maker of the most popular adventure/gravel tires on the market, created a purpose-specific tubeless wheelset for gravel and cyclocross. This set of wheels is designed with stout rims and can handle the abuse. Here’s everything you need to know about the Clément Ushuaia gravel wheelset.

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Ushuaia Wheels

Nowadays, as most of the road wheels are about 16mm internally, Clément designed ones that weight 1,620g and feature wide rims. The rims are 23mm internally and provide better support for broad tires. In fact, these rims can support every tire, from 28mm up to 50mm.

The Clément Ushuaia gravel wheelset also features a small lip on the rim bed so the tires can be pressed up against the rim. Moreover, you can use the tires with clincher tires. However, as this wheelset has tubeless valves and rim tape, you should use the sealant and tubeless tires.

The Clément Ushuaia wheels are quite specific in purpose. However, their compatibility is wide-ranging. Make sure you use rim brakes as the disc is the only option. So, you will be covered if you either have a 12mm or 15mm front thru-axle or a quick-release. The great news if you are an XD body fan is that the option is also available. The wheelset can also be a perfect fit for any tires, such as Shimano or SRAM.

The wheelset is extremely durable and features a sensible and subtle design. In fact, the wheels use 28 J-bend spokes front and back and the hubs have sealed bearings.

What’s also great about these wheels is that you won’t find burping to be an issue, which mainly comes from the tire’s construction and the Ushuaia’s rim design. You will enjoy excellent structural support and a nice visual balance for gravel tires’ girth.

Clément Ushuaia Wheelset Pricing and Availability

The Clément Ushuaia wheelset is a great value for money at $650.00 for the pair. Pre-installed rim tape, valves and end caps are also included in the price. Additionally to this wheelset, Clément released a second and higher tier variant, called Ushuaia SL. The Ushuaia SL wheelset is lighter and comes with straight-pull Sapim spokes and Enduro bearings. The Ushuaia SL wheelset costs $850.00.

Clément Ushuaia Wheelset Summary

The Clément Ushuaia gravel wheelset is extremely durable, quite light for the purpose, and a great value for money. This wheelset is an exceptional option if you’re looking for tubeless wheels that are built to handle a wide range of abuse and a wide tire. Maintenance of the tire is easy too, no need to release air many times (see how to release air from tires here).

Both the weight and height are respectable. Moreover, the wheelset features all the necessary components of a wheel designed around mixed-surface riding.