Traffic accidents are events that often happen on the road, and the causes that lead to them can be different, sometimes it is a human factor, weather, a moment of inattention, or any unpredictable situation. Unfortunately, many do not get out of this accident, and those who do, forever carry fear and discomfort when it comes to traffic.

The basic moral and legal obligation of persons and drivers who find themselves or come to the scene of a traffic accident in which they are injured is to provide assistance to persons injured in a traffic accident. It is also necessary, as far as possible, to secure the scene of the accident in order to avoid even greater consequences for other road users.


When registering a vehicle, every driver is obliged to pay insurance in the hope that he will never need it and that he will waste money. In any case, it is better to play it safe. In addition to the obligatory insurance, many drivers pay additional insurance for the car, and in this way, they are guaranteed payment of damages regardless of who caused the accident.

Of course, there are some conditions that the participant in the accident should meet in order to be entitled to payment, and one of the most important is that he did not drive under the influence of alcohol or opiates. Of course, we must be aware that insurance companies will always try to pay the minimum damage, so it is necessary to take matters into your own hands or to hire a lawyer who will do this part of the job professionally, trying to be in your favor.

When we talk about damage, in addition to material damage, there is also non-material damage. It is clear to all of us that material damage in a traffic accident means damage to the vehicle, as well as the persons who participated in the accident. But the damage is not always visible to the eye. Sometimes the damage is reflected in the form of fear, trauma and it is evident that it deserves the same treatment as material damage. By hiring a lawyer who will represent your interests, you can indemnify yourself without direct engagement, i.e. receive adequate financial compensation in cases when one person committed some kind of violation of the rights of another person in the form of causing either material or non-material damage as outlined by


If you have caused the accident yourself, you cannot charge non-pecuniary damages for injuries and inconveniences as the culprit for the accident, but the other participant will be charged according to your compulsory motor third-party liability insurance policy. When calculating the amount of non-pecuniary damage for your injuries, the insurance company will assess all the circumstances such as the physical pain suffered, fear, reduction of life activities, and the possible need for someone else’s help and care.

If there has been a physical change in your appearance, this type of damage is also evaluated and compensated. When it comes to non-pecuniary damage, it refers to the fear or trauma suffered, and monetary compensation represents a certain type of monetary satisfaction for the hardships suffered.

In addition to drivers, co-driver injuries are the most common type of injury in traffic accidents. A passenger who is injured in a traffic accident is entitled to compensation for damage regardless of whether he was in the vehicle that caused the accident, or was in the vehicle that was damaged in the traffic accident.


The law says that any feeling of pain that lasted less than 3 days is not an injury, which means that one can take the position that the injury is minimal and does not deserve compensation. That is why the continuity of examinations and conscientious treatment is taken into account. Problems with incomplete medical documentation, incorrect description of objective injuries by doctors, etc. are often encountered. Therefore, it is very important that you take all necessary measures to reach the required compensation. After a car accident, the first step is to inform the police. If there are any injuries, call an ambulance, if the accident was minor, but you can still get financial compensation, we advise you the following:

  • The first and basic thing is not to move the car until someone from the insurance company arrives. If you still have to do that, try to take a few photos.
  • It is very important to be open to your injury attorney because his task is to do what is in your best interest. However, this does not mean that you need to hide facts that will not help you. Stay calm and try to remember every detail before and after the accident.
  • In order to obtain compensation for traffic damage from the insurance company in case of injury, it is very important to visit a doctor, in order to determine the degree of injuries, and obtain medical documentation. It is necessary to visit a doctor as soon as possible so that there is no doubt whether the injury occurred in a car accident. Be prepared for the doctoral examinations that are necessary to determine your health condition, as well as to assess the level of injury.

Accidents can happen to any of us! In addition to damaging our health, permanently or temporarily, accidents also cause financial expenses. Accidents cannot be predicted, often prevented, but we can mitigate the harmful financial consequences of their occurrence. An accident is any sudden event independent of the will of the insured, which acts mainly externally and abruptly on the body of the insured, resulting in his death, complete or partial disability, temporary incapacity for work, or impairment of health that requires medical attention. The purpose of accident insurance is to pay the insured amount or part of it to the insured person or his family at the time of the accident.

Of course, it is up to us to drive carefully and do everything in our hands to prevent this from happening, but if it does happen, it is good to know that you will have financial help.