As per the data released by the US Census Bureau, there are about 18 million people in America living in manufactured or modular homes. Moreover, modular homes can cost 40% less compared to other apartments or traditional homes. Therefore if you are facing budget constraints then manufactured or modular homes can be one of the best options available for you. Besides being extremely affordable these homes are also considered the most eco-friendly living option out there. In addition to that, one of the best parts about staying in a mobile home is that they are movable. So if you wish to relocate to a new place you don’t have to worry about shifting your belongings or adjusting to a new home.

If you are planning to move your mobile home to a new location and looking for effective ways to do the same then you have landed on the right place. In this article, we will walk through some of the most vital and prominent factors about mobile home and mobile home transport tries to make your mobile-home-transport easy and make you aware too. So without wasting any time further, let us explore this article. We have tried to include every minute details, so that you can have all the information related to it.

Loading a Mobile Home


A flatbed trailer is suitable for shipping a mobile home or a number of mobile homes. You can easily load your trailer on it and it is efficient and safe. You should check few things before loading home on a trailer is

  • Trailer should not be damaged
  • It should not be corroded, or dirty.
  • The dirt should be cleaned.
  • Rust should be scratched and painted.
  • And the damaged part should be repaired.
  • You should check cracks and any form or searing off.

Please replace and inspect the whole thing from a professional. Every component or assembly of a mobile home should be closely inspected. Do not lead until the inspector gives it a go. Check the securement systems and hold downs too. It should not be sturdy.

What is a mobile home?


Before stepping into other important factors let us first talk about the misconceptions about mobile homes. Post-1976, mobile homes are legally often referred to as “manufactured homes”. These types of homes must adhere to the HUD code building specifications as per the state laws and regulations. Furthermore, these homes can be easily transported from one place to another, however, you might require the help of professionals to do the same. One of the biggest misconceptions about mobile homes is the lack of safety or security level. Mobile homes are built with the highest security standards and are as safe as traditional homes. Once these homes are placed on the site they can become as permanent as any other traditional home if you want.

Types of mobile homes available


Now let us look at the types of mobile homes available in the market that you must consider purchasing as per your needs and requirements.

1. Single-wide mobile homes

Single-wide mobile homes are one of the most popular types of mobile homes in the market. As a matter of fact, they offer less space compared to other types of mobile homes that can be between 600-1300 square feet. If you are living alone then this type of mobile home can be the ultimate choice for you.

2. Double-wide mobile homes

These types of mobile homes consist of two units that can be transported separately and assembled easily at the site location. Double-wide mobile homes are suitable for small families and can be as wide as 20 feet and 90 feet in length. These types of mobile homes can offer comfort and a sense of living the same as traditional real estate.

3. Triple-wide mobile homes

Lastly, a triple-wide mobile home is one of the widest mobile homes of all the options mentioned in the list. These types of mobile homes are considered more luxurious homes and can be made of multiple units of different dimensions. If you have a big family or wish to live in a home with wider spaces then triple-wide mobile homes are all you need.

4 important laws for moving a mobile home


As long as you abide by all the laws and regulations you won’t come across many problems or stress in transporting your mobile home from one place to another. Here we have listed down four laws that you know and follow for a smooth transportation process.

1. Get a moving permit

It can be nearly impossible for you to just pick up your home and leave anywhere in the country. The process of receiving a moving permit can vary from state to state. You might have provided the officials with certain information and proof such as a certificate from the country treasurer stating there are no unpaid or undue bills or taxes on the property.

2. Your home need to be up to code

The HUP codes are the legal requirements that you must follow in order to have your mobile home located anywhere in the state or country. However, homes that were built before 1976 are probably not allowed to relocate or move anywhere in the state.

3. Take help from professionals

Laws require mobile homeowners to work with a licensed and insured moving company to get their homes shifted or relocated. Therefore you won’t be able to move your home all by yourself anywhere in the country.

4. Verify legal requirements

If your manufactured home is older than 10-15years you might have to go through a bit of legwork. You must make sure to be aware of the legal requirements of moving your mobile homes to a different locality or town. You might have stricter laws in your new location compared to the current one.