I always work down the city, and it always takes me three good hours to get to my workplace if I take a bus. Sometimes I get late for work if the traffic is so intense.

So when I bought Merax Finiss bicycle, I got so much relieved. It is my favorite bike, and I like it because of its lightweight. It is made of an aluminum frame which gives it its lightweight.

The bicycle is very affordable, and you are sure of good quality if you buy it. The bicycle comes when packed in a carton to ensure that it is safe.

Assembling it is very easy and does not require any aid of a tool. This bicycle will also help keep your fitness.

The pedals are very strong, therefore, so can spin while standing without any fear of breaking your pedals. I, therefore, recommend that you purchase this bike and enjoy the features which come along with it.


This bike is made of an aluminum frame that gives makes it very light and comfortable to use. While riding on hilly ground, you will find it easy to cycle uphill without feeling tired.

The bike is light enough to give you a smooth climb. I love it when spinning in the evening after work. When you approach a rocky place where you cannot ride your bike, you will find it easy to carry it to a better place.

Marax Finiss Aluminum 700c Road Bicycle

Strong and durable pedals

The pedals are made of a durable material which makes them strong. They cannot easily break while spinning hard uphill. You can stand on the pedals while riding uphill. Regardless of the weight, you will have a smooth ride. It is the best bike I have ever used.

It Is Affordable

This is an affordable bicycle and trusts me; you will appreciate the service. For only $200, you can purchase one of these appreciated bikes from Amazon. The bike comes fully packed in a carton. Therefore, you have to be sure that it is safe. When you purchase your bike, the only thing you will do is to assemble it. It is very easy to assemble since you will be guided on what to do when you read the manual. This is the best bike I have ever come across so far.

It Is Easy To Assemble

At first, I was worried how to assemble it. But when I opened the box and removed it out, I found that it is a very work. It will only take thirty minutes to get it assembled. You will also be guided by following instruction written in the user manual. Buy this bicycle, assemble it within thirty minutes and enjoy a long-term experience.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It has strong pedals.
  • This is easy to assemble.
  • It is affordable.
  • This is strong and durable.


  • Peddling skips when you and climb.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any tools needed to put the bike together?

A: No. Everything needed come with the bike.

Q: Does the bike come in a box?

A: Yes. The bike is packed in a box.

Q: Do I have to assemble it on my own.

A: Yes, you have to assemble it by yourself.

Final verdict Merax Finiss Aluminum 700c Road Bicycle

This is the best bicycle according to the rating given by different people who have bought it. It is affordable, and you will appreciate its quality.

When I bought this bike three months ago, I realized that I have saved a lot. During the morning rush hour, I find it very easy to beat the traffic and arrive at my workplace in time.

I do not have to pay for my transport bill but rather save and use that money to repair my bike.

This bike is very light and convenient to use. While riding uphill, you can stand o the pedals without the fear that they will break.

The pedals are very strong to withstand d any weight. To add, it will also help you to boost your physical fitness. You can ride it downtown during your leisure time as a way of exercising.

This is my favorite bike, and I have not regretted buying. Be among those who enjoy its service by visiting www.amazon.com to purchase your bike.