As the time flies, new thing and inventions happen every day. The moto industry is not an exception. New models are being created constantly and with new designs that look more and more futuristic. These are some of them.

1) Ferrari V4 Motorcycle

Have you seen some of the futuristic films, such as “I Robot?” Well, if you have, there’s a similar motorcycle design. The task to create a uniquely modern and futuristic bike was given to Amir Gilnik and he connected the entire body of a motorcycle so that only tires are visible.

This is not a surprise since this manufacturer is known for making luxurious and powerful vehicles. The motorcycle will have a powerful V12 engine and four cylinders.

2) Peraves EcoMobile

This is a bit peculiar motorbike in terms of its design. It needs to be added that the design appeared in 1974. However, until now, the bike has not seen mass production. The bike is completely covered and closed and not exposed to outdoor weather conditions at all.

Regarding the speed, it can reach up to 150 mph on the highway and 100mph in only six seconds. Regarding the engine, it has 100hp. Its cabin has it all, great audio system and air conditioning.

3) BMW Halbo Force Duo-Wheel

Since it is BMW, it will be top-notch, for sure! Designed by Pierre Yohanes, this would be one of the most futuristic designs we have. But, we should mention that this will be a bike for only one person, and that it does not look very comfortable.

4) The Magic Tricycle

Designed by Seyyed Javad Ghfarrian, this bike is very interesting since it has three wheels and the third one has the function when the bike lies on the side. However, the full speed is accomplished when two wheels are in use. It also needs to be added that the bike has a closed cabin.

5) I. Care

Another futuristic bike similar to the Ferrari’s one. It is very elegant, modern and luxurious at the same time. The engine used would be a very strong one, Honda’s or Porsche’, and it have suspension, turbo, and blowers.

6) Bombardier Embrio

This was first presented in 2003. Regarding the fuel, it uses hydrogen fuel cell. This bike was made to be an eco-friendly one, and it reaches the maximum speed of 20mph. It needs to be added that it is designed for one person only. The prediction is that the production of the bike will start in 2025.

7) Confederate Renovatio

This bike is interesting because all of its mechanical parts are visible. The engine would be able to produce 135hp and to use 125 lb/bs of torque. It will be a V-twin engine.

8) Forward Induction Systems

We are not talking about a bike but of a technology that a bike can have. This technology is related to engines. This concept was presented for the first time at Tokyo Motor Show and we saw that it offers engines with turbo charging and in-line twin ones.

9) Electric Throttle Control

Yet another technology, not a bike. This would be the futuristic feature also known as ride-by-wire and throttle turns because of it. This practically means that the driver is the one with the direct controlling of the engine. In this way, signals that are send by a driver through a throttle can determine the power or throttle needed to engine and driver. The biggest accomplishment of this is the greater control over the engine and thus the bike.

10) Lights

Lights are one of the most important things on a bike since they are a matter of safety. The trend will be to make adaptive headlights that will not be an obstacle to other traffic participants since bikes nowadays have very bright lights. They emphasize the area that the driver needs.

11) Hands Free Helmet

The addition here would be the usage of modern technologies such as GPS, radio, making phone calls etc. without the usage of hands. The helmet is called AR-1 and it can also have a back camera.

12) No More Dumping

The stability of a bike is of the utmost importance to all traffic participants. This is why Bosch has announced the production of a great stability feature that is somewhat similar to the above mentioned ride-by-wire. The computer has sensors and they detect traction and its loss.

13) Dodge Tomahawk

First mentioned in 2004, this bike has a 500hp and V10 engine. Furthermore, the bike will have double wheels. Only 2.5 seconds will be enough to reach 6mph.


These are just some of the futuristic bikes and offered features. There is not any doubt that the time in front of us will bring us some more