When buying a new piece of technology, or a new set of wheels, people generally have a tough time to look away from the coolest piece in the shop. Our list today points to a few concepts we thought were pretty sweet.
With recent technology advancements, a new era of motorcycles begins. The possibilities are endless with bikes in the 21st century, which would have sounded unreal in the past. Touchscreen navigation, Bluetooth, and electric engines are just a few of these. Bike on the list below are not completely “tech-ed out” but have awesome performance upgrades.

An iconic bike originally available for racing guarantees major attention. Some concepts sell themselves solely on their looks, while internal beauty of bikes brings experienced riders forward. These concepts are sport the latest in tech-heavy accessories and capabilities alike, while packaged in beautifully designed frames. They have incredible edges and curves, which improves aerodynamics. Let us delay no further and check out the list!

15. Concept: Honda Neo Sports Café Racer

Honda is a well-established name in the industry, everyone knows that, so it brings serious anticipation when they release a new concept. The Neo Sports Café Racer is one of the latest creations. This is a naked sports bike packed with raw power, equipped with phenomenal suspension perfect for seasoned riders. It is actually meant for advanced bikers. It is attractive and customizable, with a frame that is both beautiful and simple.
What we have similar to the concept is the Honda CB1000R.

14. Concept: Bmw 9cento By Bmw Motorrad

The new wave of fans and enthusiasts decided that bigger does not always equal better. Millennials are more minimalistic, and they choose products for function and purpose instead of flashiness and appeal, which is exactly what BMW Motorrad’s 9cento is. It perfectly blends the touring capabilities and everyday practicality, while offering excessive storage and comfort. Its sleek frame and sports DNA is perfect for high-speed rides along the highway. It has a plush seat, and the mid-range power is great for both a newcomer and an experienced biker.
What we have close to the BMW concept is the Suzuki SV650.

13. Concept: Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Adv Tourer

After some rather disappointing sales, Harley-Davidson realized it has to revamp their style to keep up with US manufacturers like Indian. They decided to target the millennials with fresh new ideas, as the younger generations are not particularly keen on the big bad Harleys of old. The Pan America 1250 is a middle between the hardcore bikers and beginners. Its small and sleek frame is inviting, while the engine promises a thrilling ride. The rough tires present an edgy look, while the practicality of the bike cannot be resisted.
The Buell Ulysses is the current version of Harley concept.

12. Concept: Harley-Davidson 975cc Streetfighter

The current market favors naked sport bikes, and those vintage inspired motorcycles. Harley’s Streetfighter concept serves to gain the much-needed traction in their sales record. The concept will make enter production in 2024, if the rumors are to be believed. It will sport a 975cc version of Harley’s new middle-weight V-twin engine. This is planned to be an amazing bike that will surely give competitors a run for their money. With clean suspension expectations, as well as a pricier trim of the bike, the anticipation could be cut with a knife. Until then, we have the Kawasaki Z900 to satisfy our needs.

11. Concept: Tvs Apache Rtr 180 Rn

These sleek lines have kept the enthusiasts hungry and ready for its potential release. The curvatures on the front and the swift tail make us want this bike to happen so much. The concept is based on the TVS Apache’s frame. RTR 180 is a five-speed, 180cc naked bike oozing with style. It is conceptualized to have more power than standard 150cc naked bikes, currently popular in India. It can be seen that fun and thrill were the main ideas in the designers’ heads while they were coming up with it.
While we wait, the Honda CB Hornet 160R is here.

10. Concept: Ktm 790 Adv R

Austrian manufacturer KTM has brought incredible bikes to the table in the past few years. Many of which can hold their own impressively well in the Japanese-dominated adventure bike class. The KTM 790 Adventure R concept boasts KTM’s latest 799cc inline twin engine, which was introduced just last year. The KTM fuel tank is said to offer a 250-mile range and (hopefully) improved gas mileage, although efficiency has never been KTM’s strength. As compared to Triumph’s 800cc bike, the KTM still seems to have more to offer with its premier suspension and upgraded performance.

9. Concept: Honda Riding Assist-e

This may not be a conventional bike. However, the ultra-modern is very appealing. It is based on a self-balancing concept, designed to assist the riders, especially the elderly and disabled, and anyone else in need of assistance. The cutting-edge technology, an electric engine, and a beautiful and futuristic appearance give the bike enough edge to become popular with younger generations, too. With the up rise of electric bikes upon us, the Honda Riding Assist-e should not be overlooked.
Currently, the closest thing to the Honda concept is the Ezee Sprint.

8. Concept: Alta Motors Redshift Street Tracker

As a small California motorcycle company, Alta Motors received good reception for their MX and Supermoto editions of the electric performance bike, the Redshift. Recently though, they put the word out about the latest model, a street tracker Redshift concept. Other than it being electric like the others, little is known. Fans are admiring it however, although the scarce info on it. It has a clean design with a rugged touch, and it is guaranteed to be a fun ride on the streets.
While we wait, Alta Motors Redshift SM may satisfy you, as it is the closest thing we have currently.

7. Concept: Yamaha Sr400 By Candy Motorcycle Laboratory

Yamaha’s bikes are mostly well designed, although some could use a tweak here and there. Candy Motorcycle Laboratory developed their own version of the Yamaha SR400, crossing-over a scrambler, a tracker, and a motocross bike. All of the mechanical parts of a SR400 are the same, except the big carb from a SR500. The primary focus was the style. It sports rugged tires, spoked rims, and handlebars designed for off-roading. Furthermore, the distinct tank and a unique frame serve to freshen up the original SR400, adding a new dose of elegance and style.
The regular, original SR400 is the closest thing to the customized concept.

6. Concept: Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid

Yamaha has been producing innovative new bikes for decades, remaining within the top spots of motorcycle manufacturers. Their quality has amassed many loyal fans. Yamaha’s latest concept design is a wild one. The Ténéré 700 World Raid is built on the T7 frame, offering more comfort on different terrains. Similar to the MT-07, the Ténéré sports a 689cc, a 2-cylinder engine. It will surely satisfy moderate daredevils, as well as some beginners and hardcore bikers.
While we wait, those interested and able may go for the BMW FR650GS / GS DAKAR.

5. Concept: Ducati V4 Streetfighter

This Ducati concept sports an edgy figure of the Panigale. Ducati will finally give the Aprilia Tuono V4 and the KTM Super Duke some great competition, and a lot to worry about. A powerful mid-range Stradale engine is expected to power the V4 Sreetfighter, generating between 185 and 190 break horsepower. As a naked bike, this concept is meant to be stripped to the bone, showcasing the modified Stradale engine while being light as a feather. We are very excited about this one!
Until that day comes, the already mentioned Tuono V4 by Aprilia is the way to go.

4. Concept: Kawasaki Z650 Flat Track

MFS Oficina custom shop revolutionized the flat track bike with their 2018 Z650 concept, challenging Kawasaki streetfighters with the design. The Flat Track concept gives us a glimpse of something more assertive, with a touch of classic elegance. Under its clean exterior, it sports a 499cc inline twin engine, guaranteed to satisfy the owners. Its spoked wheels and an open frame push this concept into the rank of those bikes that represent the most perfect and typical examples of a quality and class.
The original Z650 Kawasaki is here, ready and waiting until the Flat Track appears.

3. Concept: Moto Guzzi V85

As with some other manufacturers, this year forced Moto Guzzi to switch their approach when it comes to design. The regular sports bike is no longer enough to satisfy the new generations. Their V85 is a fresh and elegant start. The frame of the concept is uniquely shaped, while a beautiful and obviously planned color scheme makes the rugged ADV shape stand out. It is based on their own Stelvio 1200, a design that emphasizes off-road performance. Rather simple mechanics are intended for easy maintenance, which makes us sure that the bike will arrive sooner rather than later.
As we wait for the V85 from Moto Guzzi, the BMW F850 GS is the closest bike to it that we currently have.

2. Concept: Turbo-charged Indian Scout

Originally built in 1920, and running on a 610cc engine, the custom concept has a new life in the 21st-century. The turbo-charged Indian concept takes the old-timer classic to a completely new level. The famous handlebars and the exhaust pipes keep the classic look, while injecting the old bike with some great personality. Its noticeable and loud blue paint, a set of spoked wheels, and a rather uncomfortable looking red seat are all reminiscent of the old days, with splashes of some modern-day flavors. The US consumers are a perfect target audience for this concept, as they are guaranteed to adore it.
Of course, until the concept appears, the 1920 Indian Scout is the choice we have to go with.

1. Concept: Honda CB4 Interceptor

The last one on our list it the commonly known CB4 Interceptor. This concept is the essence of “modern.” The matte black color style is takes and holds attention, as could be seen with plenty of onlookers during the 2017 EICMA Show. The design was a priority for this bike. It is the definition of “sleek”, with an eye-catching, futuristic combination of graphite and matte black paint around the Honda CB650F engine. In addition, touchscreen infotainment system is equipped with GPS, making it even more modern and revolutionary. If this extraordinary concept sees the light of day, popular bikes like the Ninja H2 will have a fierce competitor and tough time on their hands.
While we wait for this magnificent concept, the Ninja H2 by Kawasaki is the closest thing to it, and in direct danger for sales when the Honda CB4 becomes available.