As part of your profession or for your hobbies, you may own a motorbike or a 4WD truck or car. As a bike owner, you will most likely be going on off-road trails and dirt paths that will not be so easy to navigate. Having all the equipment you will need with you for any emergency is essential.

Getting stuck or having your bike break down in an area where it would be difficult for AAA to reach can be a bummer, but having your own tools on hand would make this a non-issue. The same goes for 4WD owners. Whether you are an electrician, construction worker, mechanic, or even someone who enjoys fixing and building things, having the right tools with you at all times is important.

However, it isn’t enough just to have a mess of all the equipment. The key is to have enough storage on your truck that is light, portable, and easy to access at any time to carry all your essentials.

Below you will find a list of portable tool storage ideas that can make your ride easier and worry-free, without the extra bulk.

Tool backpacks

Tool backpacks are very versatile, as they can be used by all kinds of professionals and hardcore bikers. For bikers who don’t need to carry much, but need essential tools for their trail rides, or electricians who need to have a wide variety of items to carry with them but need the flexibility to move from job to job without a heavyweight, the best portable storage according to, would be a tool backpack that can carry and store a lot of gear, while still keeping everything organized.

This type of backpack is made to be very durable and waterproof with a firm rubber base to keep it standing upright. It is also easy to store and can be carried on your back for easier mobility.

Tail bag

A tail bag is a lot smaller than a tool backpack and, depending on its size, you can use it to store tools, water to keep you hydrated, extra sweaters, and more. The benefit of having a tail bag is that it can carry items that are too small to fit in a glove compartment in the car or will be loosely running around in a backpack.

The best value of a tail bag, however, is that it’s made to be strapped on to larger bags and storage compartments for additional storage space. It is especially beneficial for bikers as it can be attached to the bike’s top box or a tool backpack without adding too much weight, yet providing a lot more carrying space.

Top box

A top box acts as a car trunk for your bike. These are portable and can easily fit on the back of your bike, creating the storage you may lack. They are firm, waterproof, and come in different sizes depending on what you want to carry. They can fit your motorcycle gear and helmet, or laptops and papers. Just keep in mind, if it gets too heavy, it might affect bike handling and balance on the road.

Rolling toolbox

These are a great addition to any 4WD crossover or truck, as an all-in-one storage unit and removable toolbox. Once in the back of a truck, it can be locked into place, so it doesn’t move around. You unlock it and carry it as a portable toolbox that will have plenty of storage to carry all the tools you need. They also come with two wheels that are made for easy movement of the toolbox if needed. These also come in a different selection of sizes, depending on how much you want to be able to carry.

Car seat organizer

Best for owners of 4WD cars and trucks, a car organizer can be an amazing storage option inside your truck cabin. It’s strapped to the passenger seat, either facing forward or backward. You can place everything from water bottles and snacks to screwdriver sets, sunglasses, torches, your laptop, or cell phone, making your car less cluttered and storing everything in one easy storage right next to you.

There are many portable storage options that can make carrying all the items you use on a daily basis or on your road trip hassle-free. Just pick an option or two from the suggested list to have all your essentials with you in the event that you need to fix your bike in a pinch, or have your tools that may come in handy in the back of your 4WD.