A clean mountain bike doesn’t just look better; regular cleaning will help your machine run smoother for longer. It is important to maintain a regular cleaning routine to protect your favorite bike from any unexpected damage.

However, cleaning a mountain bike is not that much difficult. With proper instruction, you can clean your bike easily. In this post, I’ve added a proper guideline with an easy cleaning process. I’ll also share with you some cheap mountain bikes for 200 dollars. Let’s check it out to know more.

How To Clean A Mountain Bike

What you will need to clean your mountain bike

Before starting the cleaning process of your mountain bike, make sure you have all the appropriate supplies. There is a list of all the things that you will need to clean your mountain bike easily.

  • A bucket
  • Brush and sponge
  • Chain scrubber
  • Chain lubricant
  • Water repellent
  • Some cleaning products
  • Warm water

Steps On How To Clean A Mountain Bike Properly

There is a step by step instruction for you so that you can clean your mountain bike effortlessly.

Step-01: Find The Right Place To Wash Your Bike

First of all, it is important to find an appropriate place to wash your Mtb. It is best to wash the bike on a hard or easily draining surface such as gravel.

Clamp your bike into a bike stand, and this will help you to get into the hard to reach places. When clamping your bike, make sure it is upright and can’t fall over. However, if you don’t have a solid bike stand, you can flip your bike over on the seat and handlebars.

Step-02: Rinse Your Bike With Normal Water

Now take a water hose and rinse your bike with cold water completely. It’s best to use low pressure to do this as high pressure can damage seals and other delicate components. This primary step will remove all loose dirt on the bike and loosen up dried grime.

Step-03: Apply The Cleaner And Make A Scrub

Using warm and soapy water is fine but this is not as effective as an all-purpose cleaner. This cleaning product will cut through grease, dirt and mud, and even the lubricant you put on your chain before.

Spray the cleaner on the bike thoroughly and leave it to work for at least 2 minutes. Once it’s sprayed down, take a soft-bristled brush to make a scrub of your entire bike including frame, seat, wheels, and tires.

This way all dirt and mud should come off easily. Once you’re done with that, take your water hose and spray down your bike again.

Step-04: Clean The Tires And Drivetrain

Now it’s time to clean the tires and drivetrain of your bike. The drivetrain includes all parts that let you pedal the bike, from gear and derailleurs to cranks and chainrings.

It’s important to clean the gear sets completely because this part piles up lots of greases, grime, and dirt. Use a firm brush and warm water, apply washing liquid directly to the brush and scrub onto the tires.

Remove dirt and grime from between the tread and around the sidewall and rim. Now move to the drivetrain and cassette. Remove any sticks, grease or other debris caught between cogs or stuck on jockey wheels then scrub with the firm brush and cleaner.

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Step-05: Rinse The Bike And Make An Inspection

Rinse your bike using your low-pressure water hose from top to bottom with normal water. Check the bike for any damage to the frame, components, and wheels. Spin the pedals at the same time allowing water to run easily through the links on the chain.

Step-06: Dry And Lube The Suspension And Chain

The final step of this cleaning process to lube and spray the correct parts on the bike. Take a clean and soft cloth to remove any excess water from your bike with it.

Make sure to run it across every part of the bike including the frame, forks, cockpit, and wheel. After cleaning and dying, slowly turn the pedals and apply a single drop of lube to every 2-4 links, where one link meets another.

When you’re done with chain, move to your gears and apply 10-12 drops, ensure that everything has an even coating. Wipe any excess lube with your rag when you’re done because extra lube can hold dirt and lead to grime. Be aware not to go near the rotor; you can pop a plastic bag over the brakes to protect it.

Last Thought

In conclusion, with this simple and easy cleaning process, you can wash your mountain bike within 10-15 minutes. However, if you’re in a hurry you can clean your bike just using a water hose or warm water and a sponge. Lubricate is not highly necessary unless the bike chain feels dry.