BMW teased us with the future release of 2024 BMW R 18 for quite some time. All of this started with the debut of this newest motorcycle at the 2018 Yokohama Custom Show of Departed. This is a product of the Custom Works Zon that originates from Shiga, Japan.

This was followed by Revival cycles by Birdcage in Austin in April 2019. A month later, it was revealed by the company itself that it’s going to feature the 1800cc boxer motor. This month, we were introduced to the BMW concept R 18/2.

Now you can pre-order your own BWM R 18 from their BMW Italian website’s special page that will lead you to the cart. The whole concept of this new motorcycle is announced, but not of all, it was published to the public. Sadly, the things that are the most important for us as buyers are yet to be revealed.

BMW refers to certain aspects of the whole concept that was built by R 18. Now, we are going to enlist some of the things that are featured in the concept like aluminum engine block, air/oil cooling, and twin Solex carburetors.

We are pretty confident that 1800cc is going to be horizontally opposed to powerplant when it comes to chassis. All other things are not discussed. According to the company itself, we are going to be able to acquire this one at some time in 2024. It looks like it’s going to appear on some showroom floor.