Are you planning a road trip through Ukraine this year? Well, you are about to have an experience of your lifetime. Ukraine is a beautiful country that has much to offer to its guests when it comes to a wide array of different things, from beautiful sites you can see to meeting local people and learning about their lifestyle.

Surely, since this country is not as visited as many other that can be found in Europe, it should be said that you need some guidance while you are on a road trip through this country.

Especially if you have plans to rent a vehicle that you will use through the road trip. If you are actually interested in renting a car for your trip, you should take a look at Narscar. While it can be said that it is similar to many other Eastern European countries, it is unique at the same time.

There are some things that can seem a little bit scary to you.

For example, the language barrier might seem something you cannot solve. However, it should be said that local people are friendly enough and you will have absolutely no people even with the fact that you don’t speak a word of the language. Not only that, but they also have a completely different alphabet, which can be a little bit scary for some people.

Especially if you are coming from the Western countries, who don’t speak Slavic languages. We would say that the best thing you can actually do while you are on a road trip through this country is to rent a vehicle, without a doubt. You should think about it since it provides a wide array of different benefits that you will actually help you.

What can You Expect?

As we’ve already mentioned there is a wide array of different things that should tell you the story of why you should rent a car while you are in Ukraine. You will have the option of having both a luxurious drive through or you can decide to have your trip on a tight budget. That way, you can travel from point A to point B in the shortest possible time and with an as low budget as it is possible. Therefore, you should think about it without a doubt.

Honestly, you will have a much easier time moving from city to city and finding a place you can rest. Since this is a country that has a much lesser standard when compared to the Western countries, you will have absolutely no problems to book a car or a room with at the lowest possible price, but with a significant quality in terms of service.

This is a much easier way to travel if you have your family with you, it would be a mistake no to do it honestly. So, you should pick a proper and reliable car that will take you anywhere with as less as possible problems on the road.

Necessary Documentation

Each country requires valid documentation for both foreign and domestic people. For foreigners who want to rent a car in Ukraine, you should know that you must have a valid International or National Driving License.

Each country has different measures. For example, people from the United States must have both of these licenses if they want to rent a vehicle in Ukraine, along with the International Driving Permit. In case you are from some other country, you can always check online about all of the necessary documents you need.

Renting Process

When it comes to the procedure of renting a car in Ukraine, you should not have any issues, since there are many car-renting businesses in this country, especially in Lviv and Kyiv. According to the laws in this country, the minimum age requirement for driving is 18.

However, most of the rent-a-car companies will not give you a vehicle if you are not at least 21 years old, or even over 25 and 30 in some cases. Furthermore, most companies will ask you to deposit a certain amount of money as a way of security. The average amount that you will have to pay in advance is around 50 dollars, but it can be much lower if you choose some cheaper model of a vehicle.

Essential Things About Driving in Ukraine

The standards of driving in this country are similar to most other countries in Europe. They are driving on the right side and use the metric system. Also, there are three main types of roads in this country, M-roads, H-roads, and a Highway.

However, there is only one highway available in Ukraine, with only 18 kilometers. In that matter, you should get along with the fact that you won’t be able to drive in some higher speeds anywhere in this place. When it comes to the quality of roads, you can enjoy a ride around Kyiv, Odesa, and Chop. Other parts of the country have poor infrastructure, and the roads are mostly bad and poorly maintained.

Moreover, if you choose to drive throughout the many villages here, you should know that there are many inadequate roads with potholes. Therefore, you should also know about the available road assistance, and how to contact them in case of some accident or malfunction.

Driving Law in Ukraine

First of all, if you are from the United States or any other country that is using an imperial system, you should learn the difference it has with a metric system. When it comes to speed limits, the speed limit in populated regions is 60 km/h, while the limit on H and M roads is 90 km/h. The limit for highroads is 130 km/h, however, knowing that there is only one highway that is 18 kilometers long, you can’t expect that you will enjoy in faster driving in this country.

Since most roads have bad quality, you should avoid driving during the night, and beware of the animals that often can trip on the road. Moreover, winter is heavy in this place, with lots of snow, which means that you should avoid renting a car during that time here. In the end, when we put aside all potential problems, your driving tour through Ukraine can be an amazing adventure, especially because of the beautiful nature and many amazing monuments throughout the whole country.