Cities who are bike-friendly are not only providing benefits to cyclists. If a city has bike-friendly policies, laws, and of course, infrastructure, it can provide benefits for everyone. Especially to motorists and pedestrians. There are many bike-friendly cities throughout the world. They are providing a wide array of benefits, including health, environmental, economic.

This is a great way the city can reduce its carbon footprint and the population could increase their fitness. Now, we are going to provide you with a list of the top 10 bicycle-friendly cities located throughout the world. You should have in mind that we are not ranking these cities on this list of ours. Without further ado, let’s go.

1. Copenhagen

Even though this is not a ranking, we are going to start with Copenhagen, Denmark. This city is considered to be the most bike-friendly city in the world. Not only that city has numerous benefits we mentioned in the first part of our article, their bike-friendly policy also accumulates a high number of tourists every yeah.

Usually, tourists are surprised by the number of bicycles that are flying by. Also, it is important to know that children from this city are taught to ride bikes even before they start going to school. You’d be surprised to know that roughly 35% of working people from Copenhagen are driving to their job with a bicycle every day.

2. Portland

While it is pretty hard to beat European cities when it comes to bike-friendliness, Portland is one of the cities in the US who came close to that. Town fathers are improving city’s legislation in order to provide much-needed safety to bike riders in the city.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that strives to become one of the most hospitable places for bikers in the next few years. However, they are taking baby steps towards their goal. Their bicycle system continues to grow.

According to the city council, this is one of their priorities in a foreseeable future. Also, they are trying to increase the level of security for bike riders in their city. One of the biggest steps to this goal is their attempt to reduce the traffic, which is one of the biggest problems in the capital of Spain’s region of Catalonia.

After Covid-19 the pandemic, about 21 kilometers of the road has been converted to bicycle lanes in Barcelona. Planning a trip to Barcelona? Visit here to get the list of the Spanish embassies in your country to contact about the restriction during the pandemic.

4. Amsterdam

If you ask Amsterdam natives, they will surely tell you that touring the city is not the same if you are not touring by riding a bicycle. Roughly, there are 800,000 bicycles in the capital of the Netherlands.

This means that this city has more bicycles than people living in it. You’d be surprised to see how much people are exploiting bicycles in this city. They are using it for everything you can imagine, from dropping children at school to going to work.

5. Montreal

Now, we’ve got to Canada and the city of Montreal. This city has an impressive number of bike paths. When they are combined together, they are about 600 kilometers long.

In the spring, the town marks some of the checkpoints that are leading to a wide array of drink and food stands. Moreover, every year the citizens of this city, and a high number of tourists are witnessing a bike festival that’s hosted by the town. All the bikers from the US are welcomed.

6. Tokyo

Japan is known as a country that has many peculiarities that are characteristic only for them. They have a certain way when it comes to bicycle riders. According to some statistics, about 14% of all commuters in Japan’s capital are bicycle riders.

When you take the size and the population of Tokyo into consideration, you will witness how big deal that really is. Furthermore, there are many places where you can rent some bicycles if needed. If you are interested in learning more about how this works, be sure to check out

7. Boulder

We have another US city on our list. Now, we are talking about Boulder, Colorado. Citizens of this city already have the reputation of people who are enjoying their outdoor activities.

The city has around 300 miles of bikeways that are including, designated bike routes, soft-surface paths, multi-use paths, contra-flow bike lanes, etc. With all of this infrastructure, there is no way in hell that the residents of this lovely city should use cars for their movements throughout the city.

8. Austin

Who would ever think that residents of the capital of Texas are interested in riding bicycles? Whether you like it or now, this is the case. There are four main paths that are helping bike riders in their navigation through town.

These are Lance Armstrong Bikeway, Pfluger Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, and Rio Grande Roadway. If you are visiting, be sure to check one of the maps of the town that are consisting the routes you can take while riding bikes.

9. Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a small city located in south-eastern France is a place to be. There are several reasons for this claim. The first is this is a beautiful city. The second is that this is a great place for bike lovers from all over Europe and the world.

You can take a tour on a bicycle and visit all of the main tourist attractions of the city. At the moment, the bicycle population of the city is around 8%. Town fathers are hoping to increase this number in the foreseeable future. Their aim is to double the number of bicycles in town by 2025.

10. Rio de Janeiro

The capital of Brazil started improving its bicycle infrastructure back in 1992. The cyclist population is thriving at the moment. Recently, they introduced a new bike-sharing program to their citizens. It consisted of 600 bikes who are distributed across the city and they created 60 bike stations.

The city offers monthly passes for $10 only. Also, both visitors and residents have unlimited access to the bikes who are in the program. We preserved the best thing for the last part of this segment. Riders can take a trip through some great looking beaches and enjoy the views while they are riding the bicycle.