If you’re into motorcycling, it’s a given fact that the thrill of adventure, the wind breeze, and the expectation of your upcoming journeys are the factor that motivates you to move forward.

If you have a hectic workweek, you’ll get excited about that adrenaline-filled getaway on weekends. Your mobile device should be the last thing you should worry about on your weekend adventure on the open road, but it’s going to be something necessary for those who are planning their trip.

Helpful devices keep track of the expenditures and contribute to lots of people, especially if it’s for navigation, communication, and essential tips and questions. After all, it’s going to be a good story worth sharing about your latest adventures with your squad. If you’re going to ask the motorcycling community, I’m sure that a lot of them rely on some technologies that are available in the market today.

Technologies like the artificial intelligence are quite helpful to the motorcycling community, allows riders to have easy navigation while on the road, plan, and even entertain them while they are taking their break from a long and adventurous day. You can research artificial intelligence pros and cons on, but one thing is for sure, technology like this can make your life easier. This guide will provide the best AI app for the bikers to make their ride worth the ventures.


It is the most famous AI app there is in the market. This virtual assistant from Apple is available on big apple flatforms such as iOS, macOS, watchOS tvOS, iPadOs, and audios. If you own an apple product that has Siri, then this is very useful when riding with your motorcycle. 

You can just ask Siri to help you to do a lot of things without even taking your hands off the handle. Siri can function through voice queries and natural language, and it can also send text messages, make calls, answer questions, and offer suggestions. It is capable of making requests to most internet services, and Siri can familiarize the preferences, language, and searches of the user.


This AI-powered virtual assistant from Amazon and its other name are Amazon Alexa. Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers and Amazon Echo are the first to feature Alexa, and now it’s also available on Android, iOS, and more. This AI app has much use, and it also uses voice queries and process natural language so that it can offer assistance such as music playback, voice interaction, and more.

It is capable of creating to-do lists, steam podcasts, set up alarms, play audiobooks, moreover, Alexa provides current information on news, weather, sports, traffic, etc. A lot of devices that have Alexa enable users to use Alexa with a wake-word, but Android or iOS devices requires them to push a button.


Another AI-powered virtual assistant that is from Microsoft, Cortana is available on Windows mobile, Windows 10, Microsoft Band, Android, iOS, Invoke smart speaker, Xbox One, Windows Mixed Reality, and Amazon Alexa. Just like the other AI apps, you can access Cortana hands-free and helps you by providing reminders, answer questions, take care of tasks, keeps notes, and manages your calendar. Cortana can learn and can do more complex tasks over time.

This AI is capable of natural language processing, the Bing search engine, and gathers data from your device to offer customized recommendations. It also has an API that works with Windows and other apps.


It is another AI-powered virtual assistant that is available on Android, iOS, Windows phones, Xbox One, Android tablets, iPod, and iPad. This AI app is capable of answering questions through voice and helps you address your inquiries. DataBot features a service that provides information, images, and multimedia presentations based on the information that you want.

Wikipedia, Google searches, RSS channels, and others are what DataBot uses to provide you the information that you want. You can also personalize this AI app according to your preference of voice and language. It can speak and understand different languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese. DataBot can send information through email, social media, and SMS.

Google Assistant

In 2016, this app hit the market. Google Assistant is a voice-powered, AI-enabled virtual assistant and made a significant impact on the technologies today. Consumers also consider Googe Assistant as one of the more innovative virtual assistants.

Google, with the partnership of other companies, had made this app available on lots of devices such as fridges, cars, headphones, and smartphones. It supports text and voice entry through natural language processing, and it can do a voice search, voice commands, voice-activated device control, finding information online, helping with tasks, sending reminders, translating, and making appointments.


Artificial Intelligence is a savvy and useful way to conserve time and be more productive in any way. Your adventure will be more relaxed and exciting if you have all sorts of technology to help you when you are on the road with your best buddies while going to places you’ve never been to before.

The AI apps listed above can help you explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence that favors your way. There are more to come in the future. Lots of people are now looking for something that will ease the load and be more productive at the same time.