There’s no better way to experience the open road than on a motorcycle. The breeze going against you as you ride is a feeling that can’t be truly appreciated until it is experienced firsthand.

On top of the great riding experience, motorcycles also give off a cool vibe, and they’re great on gas. Still, despite all of the advantages of a motorcycle, they can be incredibly deadly in the event of an accident. To better prepare yourself for your next two-wheeled journey, take a look at these common causes of motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them!

Lack of Helmet

Not wearing a helmet is dumb for a number of reasons. Obviously, if you get into a crash without a helmet, your chance of death or critical hospitalization skyrockets. What’s less obvious is that a lack of helmet can lead to an accident in the first place!

The wind on your face can quickly dry out your eyes and strain your vision, and if you are hit in the face by any bugs or flying debris, you will be much more disoriented than if you had worn a helmet. Disorientation and hits to the head increase your likelihood of colliding with pedestrians, vehicles, or objects, so be sure to wear that helmet and keep your visor down while you’re on the road.

Driving Impaired

Driving under the influence of illegal substances is bad enough in a car, and it’s even more dangerous on a motorcycle! Whereas a car offers the protection of an enclosed metal box, a motorcycle gives impaired drivers no such luxury. Furthermore, it’s a lot easier to mess up on two wheels than it is on four wheels.

Regardless of how safe or unsafe driving impaired may be for your health and wellbeing, there’s something more important to consider; when you drive impaired, you’re putting innocent people at risk. You could end up hitting a child, an elderly person, or an innocent bystander on their way home from work. If you kill them or cause permanent damage, life will never be the same for that person, and you will pay for it for the rest of your life.

Driving in Poor Conditions

Cars and trucks have a hard time handling rain, snow, and high winds, and motorcycles have an even tougher time! It’s much more difficult to maintain traction with two wheels, and a lighter vehicle is much more susceptible to being blown off course by heavy winds. Poor weather conditions can easily cause motorcyclists to lose control and either fall in the middle of the road or collide with another vehicle. As everyone else on the road is currently experiencing the same weather conditions, injury or death is far more likely for the hapless motorcyclist in poor conditions.

Failure to Signal

Failure to signal can lead to anyone being t-boned or rear-ended. That’s deadly enough in a car or truck, and it’s much more deadly on a motorcycle. A collision resulting from failure to signal can easily lead to a lawsuit and insurance difficulties. If you’ve been involved in a collision due to failure to signal or some other reason, visit this site to explore your legal options and protect yourself from a costly lawsuit.

Surviving a collision is great, but dealing with the legal fallout can be a nightmare, so you want to be sure to get the best counsel possible. Always signal well in advance of any turn or lane change. If you suddenly realize that you have to make a turn, but might not have enough time, miss your turn and take the extra time to find another route. 

Trying to Pass

Passing can be dangerous, especially on a two-lane road. If you’re caught in the wrong lane at the wrong time, you can easily be involved in a head-on collision. Good luck getting up and walking away from that one!

Abruptly Pulling Out

It may be tempting to pull out right when you think you have a good chance, but if you don’t look both ways and give other drivers the opportunity to react, you’re much more likely to get hit. Your life and wellbeing are worth more than the few minutes you may save by hastily pulling out.


Speeding is one of the biggest causes of collisions for any vehicle, and motorcycles are no exception. Speed limits are put in place for a reason, and the consequences of speeding can be much worse than an expensive ticket. When you speed, it takes you much longer to properly brake. Unless you have Spiderman’s reflexes, you’re not likely to brake in time if an obstacle pops up while you’re speeding.

Dim Lights and Low Visibility

Motorcycles are smaller and more difficult to see than other vehicles, so it’s much easier accidentally running into a motorcyclist. When driving at night, keep your lights on and wear bright colors to avoid being hit.

Narrow Turns and Blind Corners

Motorcycles are meant to be run on pavement, so if you run into the sand or gravel at a high speed, you’ll probably wipe out. By taking wide turns at an appropriate speed, you’ll have greater visibility of potential obstacles and hazards, and you’re less likely to veer off the shoulder into the ditch.

Distracted Driving

Staring at your phone on the road is an excellent way to end up in the hospital or the morgue. If you’re not paying attention to what’s around you, you are much more likely to end up in a gruesome accident, and you may hurt an innocent pedestrian or passer-by.

Furthermore, it’s much more difficult to conceal a phone while you’re on a bike, so you’re more likely to get a ticket. Even if you’re at a red light, don’t check your phone. You want to keep an eye on all other traffic so that you can avoid any potential hazards.

Riding your motorcycle is supposed to be an awesome experience, not a tragic one! By being mindful of these common causes of motorcycle accidents, you’ll be in a better position to ride safely and enjoy the open road.