Cycling is, no doubt, on the rise nowadays as more people prefer it as a way of commuting or even as a sport. But buying or having a bike doesn’t end there. People would love to have some accessories on their bikes to make it more personal or even just to cater to their everyday needs with it.

Although a lot of people think that riding a bike is a simple thing to do, there are lots of things that you should consider, such as tools and gadgets. Riders can update their cycling gear with these new and innovative accessories that will help them ride smoothly and safely while in style.

1. Smart Bike Helmet

Bikers can have their money’s worth as they invest in this incredible smart bike helmet called Lumos. This helmet maximizes their visibility on the road, which makes them a lot safer, especially at night or at low light conditions.

The helmet comes with almost 40 red-colored LEDs on the rear, ten white-colored LEDs on the front, and 11 orange-colored LEDs dedicated to each turn signal. This one of the best bicycle helmets that exist on the market can be controlled via a wireless remote that can be mounted to the bike’s handlebar.

2. Timbuk2’s Parker Commuter Backpack

This backpack is perfect for both travel and everyday commute to work. It’s modern construction and material helps it defy even the harshest weather condition that can keep their stuff inside dry and safe.

This backpack would be comfortable to wear with its air-mesh back panel. It also has magnetic compression straps that either expand or contract its size easily. Bikers can put in a 15” laptop, as well as small and quick-access items in the pack’s multiple front pockets. On the bottom is a reflective mesh panel for additional visibility.

3. Bluetooth Bike Lock

Bikers can make sure their bikes are safe from thieves with this waterproof Bluetooth lock, Nulock. It is equipped with solid braided steel, so it would be a hard job for them to get this thing cut-off. Once this device is paired with its Android or iOS compatible app, it will automatically unlock the lock as soon as the rider’s in range. If someone tries to dismantle it, the app will not only buzz but will also prompt an alarm.

4. Laser-Equipped Bicycle Light

One of the things that make bikers anxious is traveling at night. There is quite a big chance that drivers cannot see them while on the road. Well, this anxiousness could go away thanks to the Beryl Laserlight’s luminous front light. The built-in green laser of this sufficiently durable, waterproof, and user-friendly device projects a bright bicycle symbol 6 meters in front onto the road, alerting both pedestrians and drivers that a bike is approaching.

5. Bike Balls Tail Light

Bikers can alert anything that’s in front of them with a bicycle symbol projecting light. However, how about those drivers at the back? Grab their attention with these testicle-shaped rear bike light that glows red in the dark. This fun accessory called Bike Balls can withstand any weather conditions with its high-grade silicone and is very easy to install. Just hang this under the saddle, and it’s done!

6. PDW Little Silver Mini Pump

Every biker has experienced (if not, lucky for them!) getting a flat tire while on the road. It would be very disappointing to be stuck and hopeless out there! Bikers can get out of this situation pretty quickly with Little Silver – the most reliable and smallest hand pump ever existed. It only weighs less than 100 grams and is only seven and a half inches long. It gives that extra high pressure for those pumps, but of course, it takes more pumping to fill that tire.

7. Unapologetic Fitness Watch

Most bikers have those bulky fitness watches because either they are equipped with such features, or they are just cool to wear. Sometimes they come at a high price too. Bikers can get this same coolness, but with much more comfort with thin watches just like the Polar Vantage V. Check more on them on

This fitness watch is so light weighing only for almost 70 grams. Bikers might forget that it’s on their wrists! It has the same, even more, cool smart features that any fitness watch can offer.

8. Stylish Bike Multi-Tool

Brooks’ MT21 bike multi-tool offers handy tools for any biker’s roadside needs. This multi-tool kit is equipped with a knife, three screwdrivers, 4 spoke keys, 7 Allen keys, and 3 Torx wrenches, which comes in a stylish, high-class leather case.

9. Pro Bike Cover

This anti-UV and waterproof bike cover help bikers protect their bikes from getting rusty, dusty, or wet. This accessory comes in three different sizes and doesn’t only cover half of the bike but covers the wheels as well. It also comes with a hole at the front and back if bikers wish to add a lock.


Although Bikers don’t need a lot of accessories to enjoy their bike rides, they do however need a few important items. As every one of them falls in love with cycling and go to one place or another more often, there would be a significant percentage that they would encounter situations where these accessories will prove handy.