If you are a bike lover, then we don’t need to explain to you that it has a monetary as well as emotional value. When storing a bicycle at home or in shed or garage, covering it seems like the piece of cake. You might get confused about which cover and bicycle rack will be best if it is your first time buying it! But don’t worry we are here to help you find out the best rack cover.

Chains, hubs, cogs as well as electronics are some of the valuable parts which are required to be protected from insects, dirt, as well as moisture when you are on the road. But if your bike is important to you then you also need to protect frame, handlebars, wheels and the rest part of it. So, here are 5 best bicycle rack covers which will fulfill all your needs.

  1.    Let’s go Aero Bike bag

If you need to cover or protect more than one bike then this is the best option available for you. Let’s go aero bike bag is one cover in which two bicycle can be easily covered. You can mount two bicycle on a rack and cover it up so that it remains away from sun, dust, dirt, and snow.

Design & fabrication– It is made to especially fit with LGA VRack racks. Its exterior layer is made from 200D urethane coated polyesters and a PVC foam center padding while the interior is made with 210D nylon fabric.

Features- this  bag has a wide mouth through which bicycle can get inside of it and its heavy-duty zipper made from PVC and nylon. It ensures that water cannot come inside the bag and it cannot corrode your parts. On the edges of the bag, you can find holes with hooks as well as a look fastener which tightly attach the cover with the rack. Also, there is offered red and white DOT approved reflector and the LED light kit which increase your visibility when riding at night time.

  1.    Hideout bike transport system

There is provided bike carriage with its package and so you need not worry if the cover matched the rack or not. This is a 2 bicycle transport system which is also known as the bicycle tree system and it reduces motion thus guaranteeing safer transport of your bicycle without any damage.

Design & fabrication– This cover will keep your bicycle away from the dust and other damages because it is insulated, water-resistant as well as have foamed fabric. Its HOODIE is made using polyester nylon which provides it weather and water resistance. There is provided a study zipper at the bottom of this bike bag.

Features- there are 2 cam buckle straps in the package which holds the bag as well as the carriage. It has a boss hog for attaching with plastic hoops which hook to holes. BossHogs are designed using material which is used in bungee cords. It stretches so as to decrease wind drag noise. You can read more here about Hideout bike transport system.

  1.    Formosa bike cover

This is a very popular band and they also make cover which is a good option for those who wish to get it under the affordable range. This cover is offered at a reasonable rate and loaded with good features and design.

Design– Its slip on as well as off design makes it easy to cover two bicycle at a time. The fabric which is used is 300D polyester which offers protection from any kind of weather. Also, it can protect your bicycle against, tree sap, grime, dust and birds poop. Material is UV treated thus, the sun also cannot damage it.

Features- apart from the storage bag which is included, edges of this cover have clear see-through PVC which does not get in the path of the tail light and these translucent ends allow stop and turn activity to be visible to a driver who is behind you.

  1.    Velosock full bike cover

This is a trendy as well as sophisticated design sock which can cover your 2 wheelers and can be used as indoor storage and for transportation.  It is another great choice for bike lovers and this design can fit any size of the bicycle easily.

Design & fabrication- it is made from the best quality fabric, it protects your bike from dead bugs, pebbles, dust, and other weather elements. A Material which is used to make this cover is elastic and it fits your bike shape decreasing flapping as well as wind drag noise. Its heavy duty zipper is provided at the bottom for ease of access.

Features– It is a tight fit cover which can be used for any rack and also it can be used inside the trunk. It has free pedal pads which protect your car from pedal scratches.

  1.    Thule bike cover

Thule has high recognized as well as a reputable brand in the vehicle gear. This bike cover guarantees to protect it  while transporting on the rack along with safety as well as security.

Design & fabrication- It is made using ripstop polyester 210D along with 3000mm PU coating. It is very good for long distance and average speed drive. Elastic cords, as well as steel hooks, are also provided to make it easy to install as well as fit easily.

Features-side of the cover have a have wide transport pocket where one can insert a warning sign and reflective strips up to 50 x 50cm.

So, we hope this list of top 5 bike rack cover was helpful for you. Now, you will surely be able to get a rack cover which falls under your range and is suitable for you. Make sure you check the size of the cover and also see its durability as well as guarantee. Know your bicycle will look new even after many rides as you have cover and racks which will protect it from harsh weather. To learn even more and check out some other racks, visit this website.